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Moscow lose heartbreaker in OT, and next season analysis


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The boys from Moscow find themselves out after losing 4-3 in overtime during Sundays game 5 clash. Telker scored the game tying goal in the 3rd period to make it 3-3, but it wasn't enough as Pengu scored the overtime winner for Riga. Moscow gave it there all in a desperate attempt to stay alive another game, as they pelted 42 shots towards the Riga goaler. "It's good to know that we don't have many regrets. We left it all out on the ice, all that's left to do now is get ready for next season." Said Telker.

Who's in, Who's out?

            That's a very good question. One thing we know is for sure, Dean Clarke has played his final VHL game this afternoon, even capping it off with assisting me in my game tying goal. He's been around forever as a loyal Menace player, and deserves massive credit for a great career, with 316 points in 565 VHL games (playoffs included) Let's be sure to give Clarke the sending off he deserves! My first guess would be that Stansson comes in as the #5 floater Defender for his rookie season. This is where things get slightly confusing. To my knowledge for now, Zoiderberg and Pavlov are question marks as to whether they will return next season for their final year, Pavlov can feel free to comment if his decision has already been made or not. as for Zoiderberg, his final TPE cut won't be to fun to take for any Menace faithful,  and Moscow could look in to trading for a winger as Zoids will probably be forced into a depth role, or at least his ghost. Telker has been battling all year grinding out as much TPE as possible, so there's a good chance he'll actually be better then he is now come playoffs next year. It will be crucial especially for Calia, Brandt, and Moreau to get as much TPE as they can get if they wanna blow a window wide open for next year to maintain the forward core. The Defense looks to be in good shape for next season, with Lagesson set to be his best ever so far. Perry is another ghost that won't be aging well after another TPE cut upcoming, while Letang should have the chance to take another leap forward next year with nothing but opportunity facing him. It's hard to say if @Victor see's the biggest window being next year, or if the season after will have more gas in the tank. After next season, many core players will be taking their biggest TPE cuts ever (Telker, Bernard, Yamazuki). So it's a really hard window to judge. If they got a decent scoring winger, and another top 4 D, next season could very well be "their year". Personally for me, I wouldn't mind those trades as long as they also helped them team a year or 2 after as well, and not just this season. You wanna make the window as big as possible each year, without trying to compromise other years at the same time. It will be interesting to see what the next year looks like for Moscow, but there sure is a buzz in the air, and things are looking up. 


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Hoping @ahockeyguy can step up into the #4 defenseman role and support either me or Pavlov on the back end! Looking forward to playing with him and our rising rooks this next season, and to working with our new prospects from the upcoming draft ❤️ 

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