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  1. Holy fuck, this is one of the longest shootouts I've seen
  2. Review: I love the effect of overlaying the logo over the BG, and the little combo of using the Bruins's black and white jersey to add on to the BG, but the things that fuck with me are teh fact that you didn't smooth out the Bruins logo and how the text looks like it doesn't fit there. It's odd to have a black and white motif going then break it by using yellow text makes it look janky. Other than that, it's a alright graphic.
  3. Review: Pretty good logo. Ain't much to it and it gets straight to the point and looks good, but like everyone says, the text is the biggest killer here and it just overall looks like shit. Remove the text and you got a pretty killer logo.
  4. Review: This looks okay. The picture quality looks kinda crusty and the logo positioning doesn't really look like an actual patched jersey but instead, a slapped on misaligned sticker. The text is nice but something really bothers me with the skewed square instead of it being straight. The graphic is okay, but it needs some work like lighting and more skill towards making the jersey look official and clean. Also use HD pictures.
  5. I'm looking forward to how we do during the season and that hopefully, we get ourselves to the finals and win a cup. Honestly both. They're both essential key parts to my game and how well I do during the games, so it's for the best I focus on both for my game. Probably somewhere in the American Conference, with myself being near the top of the leaderboard in probably either the top 10 or top 15 of the VHL. I'd probably compare myself to Travis Konecny. I could see myself currently as a guy who breaks even with assists and goals and overall gives a nice amount of help to team I'm playing for. That would pretty much be me. It's not that important to me, but it is nice to have a winning team that doesn't have to be carried by having superstars and can hold at least hold their own against the odds. Being a team that's rebuilding may be a hassle, but it's all for the progress that's made to making it. One that's lively, active, full of personality, and has a GM that's actually involved with the team and talks to us about things rather than act like an estranged business owner who views the team more as a financial stepping stone than as a family of young kids who are maturing into viable talent for the future. That's happened to my team back in Japan, and because that, the players and staff suffered and our team got worse. Probably Defense. I wasn't exactly very big on it back in the day, but now I see it as something I need to work on in order to be useful and not just a forgettable presence on the defensive side of the ice. Once I cover that base, I can only get better from here on out. For now, not interested. But maybe in a few years down the line, I'll be ready to represent Japan and help lead my country to a possible World Championship and come back to my old team with grace and a better reputation. Very quickly. Enough said. It would probably be trying to find out how to earn a lot of TPE quickly and cast yourself in the VHLM as a dominating figure. Some new users probably aren't as big on the whole thing yet and it may cause them to fall down the ladder quik if they don't take action on every TPE chance they get and become an absolute slut for TPE. That's what I think at least.
  6. Age: 16 Height: 6'8 Weight: 200 lbs Handedness: Right Position: Right Wing Birthplace: Yokohama, JPN Team: Minnesota Storm Born and raised in Yokohama, Ryo Yamazuki II was a kid who belonged to a rich family of which through his childhood pampered him with the perks of luxury and wealth and of course all the money in the world to fulfill whatever goals or hobbies he wanted to go into. The thing he picked would end up being hockey, thus the long way to the pros began and now skip to years later and we see a 16-year-old Ryo leaving the JMHA in favor of green pastures in the VHL. Today we're gonna check the things that make Yamazuki's game and what works and what doesn't. Let's first start with the Pros... The PROS - Very fast and agile skater One of the big factors in Yamazuki's play is the fact that the guy skates like a man on cocaine being chased by 5 cheetas at once. The amount of speed and agility he gets either during an offensive breakaway or a defensive situation is absolutely amazing and I think it's one of the very reasons why back in the JMHA he was ranked as the #4 prospect behind guys like Yasuo Mashimo and the big star himself at #1, Yoshimura Yoshitoshi. Either way, Yamazuki is fast and controls his skating well. - Good deking and puck handling ability Another good thing about RYII is how along with his speed, he's also got good puck handling to go with it. The way you handle the puck is essential to how you do throughout the game and how well you can hold on to the puck without faltering, and it seems like this principle is a solid thought that stays in RY's mind during games. As for deking, this kid can pull some nasty danglers when in pressure or near goal and it's probably because of this that he could pull off a good amount of goals from both his execution and his form. Speaking of goals, that moves into our next and final pro... - Accurate Goal Scorer FInally, we come to the bread and butter of what RY has to offer and that's how he's good at scoring goals. Despite being the #4 prospect in the JMHA, at the time before leaving the league, Ryo was the league leader for goals being up there with 28 goals. According to the charts, Ryo's shots were goals 60% of the time, 39% of the time his shots were blocked, and the 1% being the times that he missed the goal entirely and it was a failed shot. It just goes to show that his shooting is relatively on track and rarely there are any problems, his wrist shot is a powerful tool that pretty much has the power of a normal slapshot and comes out on a dime while his slapshot cranks out results. With these two things, it majorly helps out his game. Now that we've gotten out the pros, let's now talk about the Cons... The CONS - Not very strong defensively While there's a lot to talk about RY on the Offensive side, defensively there's not really much to talk about. RY is fast but rather than stick around and play D, he gets kinda absent-minded and kinda tries to be defensive but fails due to the fact that he doesn't have much power to be a threat. It's best to just say that Ryo is more of an offense guy than a defense guy for his skills in this compartment are lacking and could use someone to give refinement for the future. - Doesn't pass the puck much In turn with being a good scorer, Yamazuki is also a bit of a puck hog in the sense that rather than passing it around, he'd rather go for constant shots that probably don't have a chance than pass it around. Teamwork is something you need to get on by in the game of hockey, it's what makes the game of hockey, without it, hockey would just be nothing but uncoordinated teenagers/adults doing fuck all and just skating around, Ryo for some reason doesn't get this decides to try and be the faux hero. Hopefully, a reality check will teach this boy that being a greedy fucker isn't welcome. - Gets into fights The biggest con that can be described with RY's game is how the kid constantly gets into fights and because of this can sometimes be a deterrent for the team during big moments. Ryo is good kid with the talents if being a probable superstar, but the rate he's going, he acts more like a goon rather than the role he could take on as a great scorer. I could see him attempting to be an enforcer, but how would that work in this league? Seems like a bad choice. And with that, we finish off the DSN Rookie Report. Thank you for watching. I've been your host Steven Carby and I'll see you all soon!
  7. Try to become the best scorer in this season among a team that's full of them and fit into my role of a Punishing Forward. Become the best the league has to offer and maybe be the cause of a player type shift era where everyone will want to become an enforcer or a goon with how I shaped and played the game. I dunno. I just was hanging around the SBA one day and I said "hey, wouldn't it be cool if there was a league for hockey?" and lo and behold, the VHL was the target place for me to go to. and thus here we are now It's either Jake Davis or Ryuu Crimson. Patrick Kane.
  8. Review: A pretty interesting tale. I enjoy the idea of Nygren being a young prodigy and seeing how he performed in the Saskatoon games, it definitely explains a few aspects of his game and what formed him to this point in time. The backstory fills simple the quota of "how player got from X to Y" and gives good insight on the hero's journey for this lad. May Nygren's career be long and prosperous and that once he reaches Malmo, his abilities are able to bring The Nighthawks to a Trophy.