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  1. Donno100

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

    I take #2 because 2 is luckier than 4
  2. Donno100

    hell valley

  3. Donno100

    macabre delight [1/2]

    If you want modern look elsewhere, that ain't my style. Also, the person I made this for has no team.
  4. Donno100

    The Sheld of Your Dreams (Theme Week)

    You what know. 5 teams. It's staying 5 because fuck you Ubuyalot. (It's actually because im incompetent at making graphics and due to things, it stays how it is.)
  5. Donno100

    The Sheld of Your Dreams (Theme Week)

    6? What exactly do you mean? There's 5.
  6. (Decided to go for a Poster approach here.)