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So theme week arrives once more. This season's theme is making your own dream team. This is honestly something I wasn't really looking forward for. Mostly because I'll have to take a look at individual players and actually think what players would be good for a "dream team." At first I thought that I should do VHL. Looking at the greatest players of all time and then forming a team from there. Then I said fuck it, I'm doing a VHLM one with emphasis on recent memory. So let's just get on with it. And by recent memory, I mean S72 at the earliest.



Adam Syreck - LW @Spade18

VHLM Career Stats: 222 GP, 150G, 247A, 397P, +224


So starting off with Syreck here. This guy was insane in S72 as he lead the league in points that season with 147. He had a total of 58 goals and 89 assists and absolutely tore it up. Career wise, he's nearly got 400 points in just 222 games. What's more insane is that he's a career +224. I think he would make an excellent addition to my recent VHLM dream team as he has had a great career so far. A winner of the Ethan Osborne, and Mitch Higgins as league MVP. He's even managed to maintain his over a point per game career in the VHL with the Chicago Phoenix. One of the 4 recent expansion teams.


Venus Thightrap - C @BladeMaiden

VHLM Career Stats: 94GP, 52G, 74A, 126P, +30


So the next choice here is Venus Thightrap, one of the key contributors of Houston's decently stacked roster last season. She never had as long of a VHLM career as Syreck did but did have an outstanding breakout season. Tied for second in points that season, her 125 point performance helped push her team to second in league standings. Her dynamic offense and physical game allowed her to bring in an intense, dominant game. She doesn't have any titles to her name but that doesn't matter much. Ever since she was drafted to Vancouver, she's been solid as well with 35 points in 39 games as she's currently tied for 5th in rookie scoring this season.


Dakota Lamb - C @dlamb

VHLM Career Stats: 144GP, 81G, 104A, 185P, +40


The Miami Marauders is the youngest VHLM team, and it's safe to say that Dakota Lamb is practically their franchise face during his time there. Back to back 90+ point seasons and both are with Miami. Heck they even have an award named after him. A pure scorer with 81 goals, 104 assists and 185 points during his 144 game career, he has always been exceeding expectations and brings his A game every time he's on the ice. And that can translate on the VHL level as well as he's currently the leader in points in terms of rookies with 47 in 40 games. A great contributor for a very young and promising Warsaw team.


Alex Letang - D @Spartan

VHLM Career Stats: 144GP, 30G, 140A, 170P, +90


Letang was again another player that played two full seasons with the same team and that was the Las Vegas Aces, to which Spartan is also the GM of. This playmaking defenseman has had a great breakout season in S72 with 114 points and 94 assists. Leading him to win the Vladimir Boomchenko award for most assists in a season. Letang is a great 200 ft game player as he's not only been a great assist man, but also an excellent defender on his own end. So far he's been able to translate that to the VHL with the Moscow Menace as he has 95 points in 111 VHL games. A more than capable blue-liner for the Menace.


Riley Knight Gee - D @KnightRiley

VHLM Career Stats: 212 GP, 75G, 208A, 284P, -47


Don't let the -47 rating fool you, RKG has been one of the best offensive defenseman in the VHLM of recent. And one I personally think deserved some hardware but was FISTED ANALLY BY A CIRCUS MONKEY. The only reason he's a career minus player is because he was in pretty bad Houston teams during his career. Another one who I think is a franchise face when I think of the bulls as he has spent three fucking seasons there. He lead the entire league in points in S73 with a whopping 140. The guy can score. He can also defend as he has a career 441 shots blocked and 421 hits. Did I mention that he's under 6ft in height? I am actually pretty honoured to be his teammate at one point. As I'm pretty sure he holds the franchise record for most points in a single season. He's been pretty decent in the VHL with Prague but his VHLM career is something to be remembered.


Ajay Krishna - G @Hooperorama

VHLM Career Stats: 144GP, 88W, 48L, 8OTL, 0.893 SV%, 2.90 GAA, 14 SO


Before moving up to the VHL, Ajay Krishna was the face of Ottawa. Again a player who's spent their entire VHLM career with one team, what makes Krishna outstanding is his record. 88 wins, and only 48 losses. You rarely see VHLM goalies have a SV% above .900, and yet Krishna was close. 14 career shutouts in the VHLM is no easy feat as well. His absolute giant 6'8, 220lbs frame allows him to practically be a brick wall, and again he's now part of a very promising Warsaw team.


So that's my theme week article, if you think anyone else of note should be featured, let me know! Anyways I won't be able to claim the capped portion until a couple of weeks for now so... uh well. Laters?

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