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Laine talks about next season, pours water on trade rumours


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With all eyes on the D.C. Dragons and the Malmo Nighthawks competing for the Continental Cup, other players are training hard as offseason trade rumours swirl. One of these players is Patrik Laine. Laine, 19, had a breakout year, recording 31 goals and 67 points in 72 games along with 9 points in 7 playoff games. Helsinki this offseason is taking a bit hit. with Tony Bolonee, Jared Spaz and Hiroshi Okada all retiring. Helsinki has the prospects to fill the holes, but they are a team in a win now, with Ola Vikingstad, Valtteri Vaakanainen, Zamboni Driver, Erik Summers and Spencer Elsby all hitting their primes. This makes Laine expendable if Helsinki wants to make a better all around team.


Just hours earlier, Laine's agent was asked about the trade rumours swirling the Finnish superstar. His agent didn't make a comment, which scary if you are a Helsinki fan. We managed to get in touch with Laine about his training and the inevitable trade rumours


"I've been working a lot on my skating and stick handling for the most part. I'm working on every facet of my game but those are the two main ones I am focusing on."  Said Laine, when asked about his offseason so far. "Lots of time left to get better but I've been seeing improvement. Can't wait for next season."


Once we got the trade rumours, Laine struck a different tone.


"You guys STILL won't give up these trade rumours will you? I've told you guys many times, I plan on being the best player I can be for Helsinki. If Jubo wants to deal me to make the team better, by all means he can but I'm focused on playing for Helsinki. We have a great cast and I wouldn't rather be on any other team. Like, even Scotty Campbell got traded. There is no turmoil behind the scenes like you all are reporting. Me and the team and management get along really well, so just give up the rumours already."


Laine commented on next season and his new 3-year contract, which starts next season.


"I like the contract I signed. It's a great deal for both sides. I got the cap hit low to keep us competitive, while Jubo gave me the term to keep me here leading up to my prime years. I'm excited for it. In terms of next season, I think I'll have a good season. I'm going to score a lot of goals, that's for sure. I'm focused on winning a Continental Cup and being the best player I can be. Jubo and Blade deserve a Continental Cup and it is my job to get them one."


Lastly, Laine talked about his favourite moment from last season.


"That's a tough one. In terms of off the ice, definitely acquiring Emi Rune. I had talked with her during the WJC a few seasons ago, she was a great teammate. I was really hoping that one day we would play on the same team so I was excited to see us acquire her. On the ice, probably my 8 game goal streak. I was scoring at will during that and it was a lot of fun. I would prefer to be more consistent with my scoring across the season though."


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18 minutes ago, PatrikLaine said:

Once we got the trade rumours, Laine struck a different tone.


"You guys STILL won't give up these trade rumours will you? 



media not giving up on Patrik Laine trade rumours? unheard of


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1 hour ago, tcookie said:


media not giving up on Patrik Laine trade rumours? unheard of


imagine fabricating fake rumours on a player to try and get him traded in the NHL

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