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S76 WJC GM Announcement #1 - TEAM ASIA


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It’s happening. The S76 World Junior Championship is storming the VHL/M. The season starts when GM applications open, as they did last week.


The commissioners had the not-enviable job of sorting through the long list of qualified applicants. With only five teams in the tournament, there aren’t enough jobs to hire everyone who deserves to be hired. There will be joy; there will be tears; and there will be controversy. Regardless, RJ and I have assembled a team we trust to pull off another big off-season tournament.


New this year: the successful GMs have been notified already. I saw a lot of people getting their hopes up with the slow drip of announcements last season and want to mitigate some of that extreme disappointment. If you applied and haven’t heard back yet, please keep applying in the future. If you’d like feedback on your interview, feel free to reach out to me too.


The First Announcement:


We’ll do our announcements in reverse order of last year’s final standings. That means, first for the first time ever, Team Asia!


Team Asia returns to S76 with an eye on continuous progress. Last season, the Asian squad finished the round robin tied with Team Canada! They lost to the Canadians in the first round of the playoffs, but two wins and two OTL in the round robin was exciting and promising for Team Asia.


The tournament would like to thank the outgoing Team Asia GM @Blazzer for her longtime service to the World Junior Championship. Fun fact, none of the GMs this year have managed a team in the tournament before. 


That means we have some fresh blood taking over Team Asia…..



Kaleeb the Mighty hopes to live up to his name as the newest GM of Team Asia.


Kaleeb joins our WJC management team with a wealth of experience behind him. He’s supervised people in the real world, and that real-life experience is never to be discounted. The fantasy football leagues he runs take the same level of dedication and enthusiasm as a World Juniors team. He's a personable guy who's fun to be around and genuinely loves the VHL.


Most importantly, Kaleeb has taken advantage of a wide variety of opportunities in the VHL. As a primarily graphics guy, his skills are in high demand and he’s been happy to shop them around. Most recently you’ve seen his work in the up-start newspaper The VHL Times, but he’s also partnered on player-agency projects and just general point tasks. Lots of us at the WJC are historically word makers, so it’s great to bring some diversity to the team by hiring a graphic design whiz like Kaleeb.


Kaleeb is super active on Discord, and looks forward to building a hyyyyyyyped locker room. He brings that super-dad energy to the tournament, and I’m sure his 11 month old son will be Team Asia’s biggest fan.


Welcome to the team Kaleeb!


Next up, the #4 team last season.... :usa:

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