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  1. S60 [Not so Live] Draft Lottery

    Interesting stuff. Calgary's time is going to be sooner rather than later.
  2. S59 All-Star Teams and Game Thread

    Well. -4 not the best game for McAllister. But still, thanks for doing the work @Beaviss
  3. VHL Portal Update - New HOF

    That's so kick ass, as somebody who loves the history aspect of the league this is right up my alley. Great work!
  4. S60 Salary Brackets + Salary Cap

    Fair enough with TPA and the loss of Veteran contracts, I don't mind that. McAllister's about to get Super Paid though.
  5. Ranking the Cup winners

    Is there really a point because we all know there's only been one threepeat in VHL history
  6. League Statement re: Drama, Fighting, and Trolling

    Cool, I apparently picked a good weekend to be away then.
  7. S59 Seattle Bears Captains

    Woooo! Appreciated my man
  8. Major Off-Season Changes

    ... so the TPE extras given out to people for past updates aren't counting towards actual TPE/against the cap?
  9. Major Off-Season Changes

    This is a good point I haven't seen addressed (publicly at least) as well: I'm assuming the salary cap structure is changing since everyone's about to be earning a lot more TPE?
  10. Major Off-Season Changes

    And adding onto this: We'll be doing a regular update tomorrow (will be in the afternoon for me), after which Will will be doing the conversions. The extra TPE tallies are separate, but I imagine not too long after that. So getting stuff in as quickly as possible would be cool
  11. S58 All-Star Game(Live Version)

    Dammit Team Hedgehog! Thanks for doing this though, love the concept
  12. Theme update

    Confused the hell out of me in the middle of updating, but I like it
  13. S58 All-Star Game(Live Version)

    Sorry I missed this before, been so darn busy recently. But yay already making it! Forward: Shawn Gretzky Defenceman: Aleksei Federov Goalie: Vernon Von Axelberry
  14. Two long, pointless Boubabi threads then a post in the Ban Thread? You can't tease me like that Beketov.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Beketov


      It very nearly was but I refuse to ban someone over thunderdome topics unless shit gets very out of hand. If he wants to attack me that’s fine; I have thicker skin than he thinks.

    3. Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      Bring Back Player 2 (Tri)

      Glad it wasn't my man Boubs

    4. tfong
  15. VHL Portal!

    Well done, I like it a lot. Clean and easy to look at