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  1. 1. I am extremely excited for this new journey. The Mexico City fans are great and so diverse and want to make the team proud taking the big chance on me. 2. Not at all, no way was I thinking 1st Overall. 3. Have not been drafted yet but I hope there is a spot for me when the time comes! 4. Be a beast. Reaction time is the best in the league and trying to keep elite in other areas also. 5. No, it is not. 6. Goalie of the Year and a cup of course!
  2. Crawford Goes Number One It was a crazy lead up to the draft for Solomon Crawford wondering where he would be picked up in the Season 6 VHLM Dispersal Draft, seeing him mocked in the first round to different teams that were in need of goaltending help. There were a ton of options on where Crawford could have gone but no way did he ever expect to go first overall to Mexico City who acquired the pick. Goalies or good goalies at least, unlike in the VHL, are few and far between in the VHLM and having one that a team can count on to keep pucks out of the net is a huge advantage. Looking at most teams last season that did poorly, they usually suffered from having an inactive goalie, Vegas being one of those before bringing in Crawford. Solomon Crawford undoubtedly has the most potential out of any of the goalies that were in the draft and for that reason he was the first one off the board. "This is just amazing, I had no idea I would go first overall but I put in a ton of work to get to this point and will make Mexico City and their fans proud. Being an African-American playing in a sport where I am a huge minority is a tough thing, I deal with a lot that is thrown at me, but I am happy to be recognized like this. I will continue my hard work and show that hockey is a sport for everybody and I think playing in a city like Mexico City, which is also not known for hockey can be a great part of that. Getting these Mexican kids excited about the sport and breeding a new generation of Mexican internationals, the same with how I hope to influence young African-Americans to give the sport a shot as well and get hockey going for every kind of person, no matter what they look like."
  3. Congrats all! Thanks for the shout-out!
  4. Helsinki Vancouver Vancouver 5-3 Vancouver Points: Beau Louth Goals: Rauno Palo Assists: Dan Wilinsky PIMs: Sidney Crosby Series winner: Shawn Glade
  5. 1. Crawford is headed to his hometown of St. Louis, MO to see friends and family. 2. VHLM dispersal draft time, gotta do good in workouts and interviews if need be! 3. Hopefully I will head back but we shall see! If so, I’ll get back before training camp. 4. No, Crawford has not been around enough to make many friends and he is headed to St. Louis! 5. Nope! Just wanna play with fun and motivated individuals! 6. Crawford is drafted in the first round and wins a VHLM cup!
  6. A true American goaltender from the same agency that brought Oleksiy Revchenko, the Ukrainian sensation who carved out a decent career in the VHL in his time. Never a star but always a solid dependable forward, Revchenko now gives way in the AW13 agency to someone who could end up being a star in the VHL's coming future. Solomon Crawford is the current goaltender for the Las Vegas Aces, where ironically, Revchenko also got his career started. Crawford is a true American goaltender in the sense that he always represents his country and with not too many American goalies in the VHL, Crawford could stand out in the league for being him. As an African-American goaltender, he will always be a little unique but he loves that. "When people look at me, they don't see a hockey player but I have always loved hockey from playing street hockey in the pothole covered streets of St. Louis. My dad loves basketball, and I love it too but I really love hockey! A young kid from the Lou making it in the VHL? That would be so great." Crawford struggled at times in his first bit of VHL action with the Aces but helped lead the team to a playoff birth and a win in the series against Ottawa that saw Crawford stop shot after shot, saving almost 50 shots. Crawford got some playoff action right away in the VHLM career which could be huge for his growth and development getting some serious hockey action just a few weeks into his professional career. Crawford showed his ability and room to grow in his short stint and looks to get picked up again in the upcoming VHLM dispersal draft by a team. "I hope I go to a team that values winning and player development. I would love to continue my playing career in Vegas, it has been great and I think it is a great place where I can grow into a star. I do think I will go high in the draft however and can see a lot of teams going after me. I will likely spend some more time in the VHLM while I develop so teams needing a starter will jump on their chances. If that happens it is okay, it means I am wanted and that's never a bad thing, let's see how it goes!" Looking at Crawford, we can see his strengths and his weaknesses and where he can grow and where he will be better than the others in the league. Crawford has amazing reaction time, the best seen in VHLM caliber players and opposing skaters will have a hard time getting pucks past Crawford due to his terrific reaction time in getting his glove or stick on all shots. He is also quickly developing his hand speed as well which combined with his reaction time could be extremely deadly. He needs to get better at his rebound control and his overall agility but that will come with learning the speed of the game at the professional level.
  7. Oleksiy Revchenko has had a productive VHL career so far with most of his seasons played in Calgary besides the one season in Helsinki where he was able to help take the team all the way to the cup finals in which the Titans unfortunately lost. For most of his career, there has been speculation that he would be done and hang up the skates or go play back in Russia or his native Ukraine but he stuck with it for longer than most people had thought. Revvy has always been a mediocre player in the league, but that is okay, it is not easy to be a professional hockey player one bit and being able to be an average player, that is something to be proud of. Oleksiy has officially announced his retirement this season and will be officially retired at the end of the season or the playoffs at least. Calgary is in a good position where they could win the cup and Revvy might have one more shot at a cup win before it is all said and done. Revvy is excited for the opportunity and while his best hockey is behind him, he can still help the Wranglers win. Oleksiy will actually accept a position within the Las Vegas Aces' organization to be a big help in player development. He has been able to befriend some people there even the new Aces goalie, Solomon Crawford who Revvy has been raving about.
  8. 1. Not feeling great, hoping for the best though! But no sweep! 2. SV% above .910 and GAA under 3 3. Calgary has been where I have played my whole career pretty much with Revvy, other than that, I will go anywhere I am needed. 4. It is exciting and should open the doors for goalies also. 5. Helpful and motivating and a great leader. 7. The playoff beards of course!