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  1. Revvy Is Not A Calgary Hero Revvy is a good, mediocre hockey player, but he is not a superstar, and never will be in his time with Calgary. He has had a ton of success in his career, specifically his time in the VHLM and his one season where he was traded to Helsinki but for Calgary, who initially traded for him from the now-defunct Quebec City, he has been, well...just there. When you look at his one season with the Titans, he had 79 total points and a +/- of +21 and was one of the leading scorers during the Titans run-up to game 7 of the Cup finals. Maybe the style of play for the Wranglers is affecting Revchenko but he has not had the same kind of success with them. Expected to have taken a major leap this season after his breakout season in Helsinki, Revvy is regressing back to how he played before the trade. Currently, through 67 games, Revvy has 55 points, not an awful number, but much different than his 79 in 72 games last season. The style of play in Calgary seems to have Revvy in more defensive scenarios as he racks up more shot blocks and hits in Calgary than he did with Helsinki, though at the same time, he is taking more shots than ever. With his extreme pass-heavy style, it is interesting to see him be shooting a lot more, but it isn't his game. Revvy may never fit in with Calgary in terms of the style of play and maybe the team ships Revvy out as he gets older or maybe Revvy calls it quits early, stay tuned.
  2. At the time of this writing, the Calgary Wranglers are currently in 3rd place in the VHL and looking like a team with a real chance at a cup run this season. The team made a lot of moves to speed up their rebuild this past off-season and one of those moves was bringing back center, Oleksiy Revchenko. Revchenko was traded in a huge deal last season to Helsinki along with Canmore and instantly made Helsinki one of the top teams in the league and they made it to the cup finals, losing in a crushing cup final to Toronto. Revvy managed more than a point per game while with Helsinki, finishing with 79 points, with 26 goals and 53 assists. He had shown why he was coveted in the trade market for his playmaking ability and was able to help as a second line center for the Titans. Now, back with Calgary, his production has slipped a little bit but still has contributed with 27 assists and 12 goals, good for 39 points in 45 games. While he is no longer averaging a point per game, he is getting involved and the team is in 3rd place. He is not the most exciting player in the VHL, he has always been mediocre but he is a valuable role player and could be big in terms of a Wranglers run for the cup.
  3. 1. @BladeMaiden Brick Wahl of course, is there any other answer!? 3. Helsinki is a pretty place, Finland is a great country with great hockey fans. I love Calgary but Helsinki is very beautiful. 5. Comedic relief is always the best medicine! 7. Ooof, yeah, Revvy has sent nudes to some wrong people in his lifetime, with different results. 8. Dippin Dots, those things are so good, and so expensive for only a little bit. 9. Everyone must bow to a picture of Revvy before every game on their way out of the tunnel.
  4. 1. Best thing in your locker currently? A Ukrainian Flag 2. Our best pregame or post game ritual Group hugs in the showers after every win! 3. Your best friend in the Locker Room? Brick Wahl and Fish! 4. Bushito is angry at someone on the team, who is he angry with and why? Dils cause he crazy! 5. With our team colours there are so may options for tape colours you going teal, grey, navy, yellow or red? (or are you doing your own thing?) Yellow and Blue for Ukraine! even though it clashes! 6. Craziest thing you've seen a GM or Teammate do? What was it and who was it? I saw Roll once kill a man with his skate, it was crazy! 7. We just did a vote for a mascot? How do you feel about Blade hiring ice girls? Ice Girls!!!! Calgary needs them! 8. How are the holidays with the reapers? Do you guys get festive in the LR? With the Reapers? I feel like there is a hidden agenda in these questions!