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  1. AndrewWarren13

    Revvy Struggling

    It seems like there is a different story each week with him either doing good or bad, the consistency is just not there right now for the young Ukrainian center. While last time, we spoke of Revchenko potentially turning in to a leader and a difference maker for the Wranglers and having a better points/20 than Jasper Canmore, he has come crashing down. He dropped from .75 points per 20 to .53 and has only picked up one goal and one assist since our last article on him. He is trying to improve his game, and that could come with an increase in point production but who knows with Revchenko. He has mulled retirement and potential of playing in a different league but for now remains committed to Calgary and helping them through this rebuild. He has been around for a bit now and hopes to show he has what it takes to remain a viable player in the VHL. While it looks bleak right now, he did show flashes and looks to get back to that level moving forward. Time will tell for sure with this young man, but one thing is certain, he is not ready just yet.
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    @Bushito you da man!
  3. AndrewWarren13

    Is Revchenko a budding star?

    Is Oleysiy Revchenko a star in the making? The answer to that question is...probably not, but can he be an above average player in the VHL? For the first time writing about Revchenko, I think the answer is yes, which is a big change from where I used to be. Looking at the numbers, on a team in Calgary that is yes, rebuilding, but still has some decent players on it, Revchenko is a top guy for them. Statistically, now I am not saying he is better than anybody in particular, but he has more points per 20 minutes than Jasper Canmore. Crazy right? The superstar Canmore is an aging veteran but still a premier player in the VHL. Revchenko has 8 goals and 11 assists this season in 21 games. He has been a player that, yes, unknowingly to the rest of the league, has contemplated retirement due to slow development but at 402 TPE, Revchenko can be a solid player and could continue to be for a while now and he is still young in just his second VHL season. The word is that he likely won't test free agency often so Calgary may have made a very solid move in acquiring him from Quebec City who he was drafted by.
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    Practice Facility (January 7-13)

    Revvy +1
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    VHL Pickem (S64W3)

    87 New York Americans 88 Riga Reign 89 Quebec City Meute 90 Seattle Bears
  6. AndrewWarren13

    VHL Predict the score (S64W3)

    New York 3-1
  7. AndrewWarren13

    VHL Predict the score (S64W2)

    New York 2-1
  8. AndrewWarren13

    VHL Pickem (S64W2)

    60 New York Americans 61 Quebec City Meute 62 Seattle Bears 63 Calgary Wranglers
  9. AndrewWarren13

    Revvy Needs to Improve

    After a cleaning of the house in Calgary that saw some extremely talented players traded away for a hopefully brighter future, the team looked at youngster Oleksiy Revchenko to carry a lot of the load that was left. So far during the season, Calgary has not been a great team but also has not been too bad, they are kind of middling right now and the same can be said for Revchenko's play as well. On the season, through just 10 games, Revchenko has notched 8 points with 3 goals and 5 assists. While those numbers are certainly not bad, they aren't at a level that replaces any of the departing talent such as Arroyo or Lawson but it is a long season. While he is nearing a point per game, the numbers need to go up for the young Ukrainian, the goals much comes easier and he needs to use his top tier passing ability to set up his teammates. His most important features are his passing, defensive ability at the forward position and face-offs and so far, those have not been too great for Oleksiy, but he i still improving slowly but surely. Hopefully he proves his worth to the GM and coaches to keep his role for the Wranglers.
  10. AndrewWarren13

    Gebauers start in the VHL

    Hope to play with you in Calgary for awhile @Sova !!!
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    Practice Facility (December 31st - January 6th)

    Revvy +1