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  1. Thanks! Glad to be back playing with the Aces' boys!
  2. Helsinki welcomes Revvy When the trade was announced that would send Oleksiy Revchenko along with Jasper Canmore over to Helsinki from Calgary there were many emotions that went into it. One was sadness because Calgary had been the home for Revvy over the past few seasons and over time, he has gotten to know the guys in the locker room really well and had been enjoying his time and camaraderie with his fellow Wranglers. The next emotion was one of determination as this move was made by Helsinki as a way to show the league they are no joke and could be in it for cup contention. Revchenko wants to win and given the rebuilding state of Calgary, has a much better chance while playing for Helsinki. While he will lose his captaincy and his top line status, he moves into the second line with a chance to dominate alongside other talented players on the Titans' second line. The next emotion was angry, and that is only because moving from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Helsinki, Finland in a short amount of time is a pain in the rear end. Imagine traveling across the world and having to play in a game the next day? He could not bring anything but a couple suitcases worth of stuff while he settled in to his new team. He also does not know Finnish at all and does not plan to learn it as he already knows 4 languages, English, Russian, Ukrainian, and French. The trade should be great from both sides and Helsinki needs to make the most of this run with Canmore retiring and Revchenko headed towards unrestricted free agency. I have no hard feelings about the trade from Calgary's end, it needed to happen and I expressed that I was okay with it so that I can chase a chance at a VHL cup.
  3. Do you agree with your GM's decision to get all 8 backup games out of the way at the start of the season? Yeah, might as well instead of being on a good run and having to bench the starter or during clutch end of season games. With the big trade that happened with Calgary, how much does that improve team morale in the locker room? Adding Revvy is always a good move What goals have you set for yourself this season? I want to win a cup, nothing else. For returning members, is there a different feeling about this team, than the one that went to the Finals last season? For new members, what are your initial thoughts on the Helsinki organization? Seems very good and organized and primed for competition. With so many teams having a legitimate shot at the playoffs, what are your thoughts on league parity? It is very good right now, and makes me afraid since all I want is a cup win! What is your signature drink when at parties, and why do you like it? A nice water with lime Very refreshing!
  4. Accepted...if I have to...
  5. Revvy's first Helsinki goal and an even +/-