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  1. Hey guys new presser! Can’t wait for the new season to start! 1.What do you think of the new additions made by GM Glasser? I am very excited. To get Brick Wahl and to learn from them what it takes to be an elite goalie is fantastic and I am very excited to share a locker room with him! 2. What’s your favourite fast food place? Why? McDonalds! It is classic, has great options like Chicken Nuggets and overall sits in the top 3 for me in most of the food choices. It is the mecca of fast food and I admire their corporate success. 3. Do you think this is the year we finally make the playoffs? Yes, this team is amazing and I am excited to see it succeed while I develop. 4. Who is gonna be the teams mvp this season? And what do you think our strengths/Weaknesses are going into the new season. Gotta be Brick Wahl. Having that dominant goalie instead of stinky Crawford will be so good. I expect the team to be dominant on the defensive end and with that, be among the league leaders in least goals against! 5.What kind of numbers do you hope your player puts up this season? (Goals, assists, points?, for goalies wins/ GAA, SV%?) I am hoping in my limited starts to have more wins than losses, a GAA around 3 and a SV% around .900! 6.Whats one area of your game you’ve improved in over the offseason? Just everything in my overall goaltending abilities!
  2. It was a long season for rookie goalie Solomon Crawford as he was thrust into different roles for the Prague Phantoms during Season 69. A team that got off to a nice start with starting goaltender Owen May trailed off a bit and they wanted to give their recent draftee, goalie of the future, Solomon Crawford some looks in the pros. Crawford was inserted as the team's starting goaltender and played in 24 games total during season 69. Those games, for the most part, did not go well for the rookie as he compiled a record of 4-14-1 and had a poor save percentage of .878 and an unacceptable goals against average of 4.3 which means for every 60 minutes Crawford was on the ice, opposing teams put over 4 goals against him on average which is just too much especially for a young team like Prague. Crawford did have 2 shutouts though and his ability in those games was definitely on display. He is definitely not a lost cause but he still has a ton of room to grow to be the guy in Prague. The team went out and traded for Brick Wahl of Calgary who is one of the best goaltenders in the VHL and under his leadership, Crawford should be able to grow and grow. The team definitely believes in the future of Solomon Crawford, voting him a team captain and going out and getting one of the best VHL goalies to work with Solomon and teach him to be a dominant professional goalie in the league. Time will tell but Crawford is set up well to take a good jump by stepping back a bit and learning from Wahl.
  3. 1. I think so, we have a good squad capable of making some noise 2. I hope us, I think us, let's do it! 3. Not us, that is for sure 4. I am a goalie so...shooter 5. Just to play and help the team win some games! 6. Hopefully I can come in and dominate but the other goalie was on track for a possible team MVP haha
  4. 1. I have not improved as much as I wanted but I plan to a lot over these first few seasons. 2. I love reading through media pieces, some people really know a lot about the league and it is great to read. 3. Gotta say myself in my rookie season, I am excited to see how we do. 4. I love @diamond_ace I have always had great talks with him 5. Hmmm Olive Garden because its never ending Pasta bowl time! 6. I wouldn't, I chose the name after awhile of thinking, I don't want to think about another one.
  5. Prague is off to a solid start and a big part of that has been the goaltending of current starter Owen May which has left recently drafted goalie Solomon Crawford watching from the bench in a baseball cap waiting for his chance. He has been solid in a few games for Mexico City this season going 3-0 in the VHLM with a 2.00 Goals Against Average and a save percentage of around .930 so he is showing his abilities and has now been called up waiting to get his chance. He has already gotten some brief VHL action as a backup and played 26 minutes one game in his debut as a VHL goalie. He has a save percentage currently of .875 and a goals against average of 2.24 in his one game. He still needs to get some starting action and Prague needs to trust him to carry the Phantoms on. He is a rookie and he is new but he is capable of showing why he was worthy of the 14th overall pick in the Season 69 VHL Draft. I think Prague will stay in the hunt during the season but May will likely lose some of his momentum and that is when we could see Crawford. Overall, the team's future is Crawford and the future could become the present very quickly.
  6. This was supposed to be a big year for the newest goaltender Solomon Crawford and the the Mexico City Kings but unfortunately it was not a great season for either. The Kings have vastly underperformed preseason expectations and that goes the same with 1st overall pick in the VHLM dispersal draft, goaltender, Solomon Crawford. Hoping to really ramp up his development and production on the ice, Crawford seemed to stay stagnant in his on ice ability. His save percentage and goals against average was around the same as when he first entered the league with Las Vegas last season as a new VHL prospect. The jury is out whether or not Crawford will succeed in the big leagues and maybe it is just an anamoly with the Kings' bad season that has not helped Crawford at all. Teams in the VHL might have varying opinions on Solly but he is at least capable of productive backup minutes in the league. He hopes to lead a team as a starting goalie still and is working to put this behind him and prove his name in the grandest of leagues in the hockey world. I think Crawford could be a big steal in the upcoming season 39 draft for one great team.