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    Midseason Awards and MVPs

    Malenko is the story of the year
  2. McWolf

    (S66) LW - Dimitri Volosenkov, TPE: 30

    Welcome in the league, @SirRupertBarnes.  If you need any help getting started, there's a channel dedicated to helping newer members in the VHL Discord where veterans can answer every question you have or help you in any way you need. Or you could send a PM on here to either @Sonnet or I. Or you could ask your questions directly in this thread. VHLM GMs will come in this thread and offer you contracts to play for their team for the rest of the season. Every contract offer will be for $1,500,000. I suggest you take your time before finally accepting an offer. Think about what's best for your player.
  3. McWolf

    The State of Defense

    As soon as S64 finishes, there will be new sheriffs(?) in town or, rather, on VHL bluelines. To better understand where I'm going to with that, here's a figure in which you can find the top 10 defensemen in TPE right now, in the VHL. Rank Player Season TPE TPA Member 1 D - Mats Johnsson 57 1610 1075 Quik 2 D - Colton Rayne 57 1229 673 Spade18 3 D - David Kiaskov 57 1134 579 Exlaxchronicles 4 D - Casey Jones 57 1043 486 der meister 5 D - Joseph Bassolino 59 815 735 Smarch 6 D - Ryan Kastelic 63 671 662 Enorama 7 D - Joseph McWolf 63 633 630 McWolf 8 D - Robert Malenko 61 632 550 pennypenny 9 D - Samuel Gate 61 610 605 street 10 D - Maxim Kovalchuk 62 547 547 Banackock The first thing that catches the eye in this figure is the difference in age between the top 5 and the bottom 5. The top 4 players on the list, Johnsson, Rayne, Kiaskov and Jones are all retiring this offseason and, being a S59 draftee, Bassolino will be in his 7th season in S65, the 2nd depreciation season. On the other side of things, defensemen ranked 6th through 10th are somewhere between their 2nd (Kastelic, McWolf), 3rd (Kovalchuk) or 4th season (Malenko, Gate). So, if we were to check the same table at the start of S65, the top 4 of Johnsson, Rayne, Kiaskov, Jones would be gone and Bassolino would probably take a good hit because of depreciation. This means that, next season, the top 5 in TPA could look a little something like that: Kastelic (~750), McWolf (~725), Bassolino (~700), Malenko (~675), Kovalchuk (~650). This is impressive because, apart from Bassolino, everyone here is still in the first half of their career and still got some prime time ahead of them. This is mostly true for the two youngest on this list, Kastelic and McWolf. The two S62 Founder's Cup champions drafted 1st and 2nd in the S63 VHL Entry Draft could enter their 3rd season in the major league as the 1st and 2nd ranked defensemen in the whole league. Unless a forward in his prime makes the switch to defense soon, Kastelic and McWolf look like they will be the top 2 defensemen starting next season, and possibly up until the very end of their career, when depreciation starts to hit them. This means between 4 and 6 seasons where these two could be competing for the Labatte Trophy, awarded to the best defenseman in the league, as well as for the Valiq Trophy and the Wylde Trophy. The defenseman position seems to be under-represented in the Hall of Fame but, if both Kastelic and McWolf can win a couple Continental Cups and be on top of the discussions for all three defensemen trophies most seasons, one of them, or even both of them could enter the Hall at the conclusion of their careers. tl;dr - Kastelic, McWolf best dmen for the next 6 seasons confirmed. @Enorama ------ Claiming 4 Uncapped TPE
  4. McWolf

    (S66) C - Hunter Hearst Helmsley, TPE: 75

    Guess you know the drill. Halifax for one season? Come write history with us
  5. McWolf

    The State of Defense

    Wouldn't say I'm sleeping on Tzuyu. More like I didn't want to go too in depth with it because I could have speculated about it for a while. In that same S63 draft class, we have Crosby too, who regressed a bit this year, but he did receive Wylde votes last season. Should be a strong candidate for it again in the future.
  6. The World Junior Championship S64 is right around the corner. Let's get ready for the with an absolutely unbiased power rankings. 1. Canada - Canada won the last two editions of the WJC, both times with @Jubo07at the helm. There is no reason to not have them as the favourites this time again. Wahl enters the tournament as the goaltender with the most TPE and the team can count on a lot of 200+ TPE players both on offense and defense, making them favourites to claim the Gold and making it seem virtually impossible for them to not at least get away from this with any medal. 2. Europe - If anyone can finally take down Team Canada, it's Team Europe. @Esso2264 is coming back as the team's GM and he looks to improve on last year's 3rd place finish. Gebauer, Ylonen, Dahlberg, Svoboda, Jerwa and Davison were all drafted fairly high last season and all got something to bring to the table in the quest to take down team Canada. 3. USA - Team USA aims at reaching the top 3 once again, after failing to bring medals home last season. @Bonzaijoe is a newcomer among WJC managers, and he can count on some solid players in Gonzalez, Blake, Gary, Sullivan and Stoffiday as they all try to bring glory back to America. 4. World - Team World is always an exciting underdog story. They always got an alright roster, thanks to Canada, Europe and USA leftovers at different positions, but they lack the starpower that the top 3 can count on. This will be @Eudaldkp's first experience as a GM, as he tries to give Team World their first medal since the WJC revival in S62. 5. Asia - After two straight Silver medals, it's time for team Asia to take a break. Although @Galdoblame is a rookie GM here, he's an STHS veteran, but there's only so much to do with that roster. Who's Jimmy Chang and why is he their only goalie? ------ Claiming 1 uncapped bonus for being WJC themed Claiming 4 uncapped bonus with the article package (3/5)
  7. oh man, you need to win some games bad. You've been cranky since you joined Davos.
  8. McWolf

    Live S65 Draft Rankings

    TPE Change since the last update Anthony Matthews +2 TPE Antone10 +2 TPE Bandit +6 TPE Bonzaijoe +4 TPE FBR +5 TPE Fire Hakstol +9 TPE Lightningyamasha +2 TPE nick_716 +8 TPE Sharkstrong +9 TPE Sogarn +2 TPE SpartanGibbles +9 TPE TacticalHammer +6 TPE Wheaties +17 TPE (welcome with us, @Wheaties!) WhiteMocha +4 TPE xsjack +1 TPE
  9. Rank Change Player Name TPE Team Nat. Member 1 C - Carles Puigdemont 231 OTT ESP Eudaldkp 2 D - Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen 212 OTT USA Fire Hakstol 3 D - Dallas Jones 165 OTT USA Trifecta 4 G - Joe Nixon 165 LVA USA Bonzaijoe 5 C - Gritty 155 OTT USA eaglesfan036 6 D - Brady Stropko Jr 154 OTT CAN Bushito 7 C - Roll Fizzlebeef 149 OTT CAN TacticalHammer 8 Up 1 D - Elasmobranch Fish 137 HFX ESP Sharkstrong 9 Down 1 C - Viktor Kozlov 133 HFX RUS Kuch9 10 C - Orion Slade 122 LVA USA BluObieZ 11 Up 1 D - Mitch Matthews 122 LVA CAN Antone10 12 Down 1 D - Bald Guy 121 HFX JPN Galdoblame 13 RW - Jack Lynch 112 OTT CAN xsjack 14 C - Anthony Matthews 99 LVA CAN Anthony Matthews 15 C - Dorian Mason 92 OSL USA Tim 16 Up 1 RW - Matthew Kai 92 OSL SKR FBR 17 Down 1 G - Chase 87 HFX CAN Chase Klein 18 D - Denver Wolfe 87 LVA IRE Goonie 19 Up 4 RW - Dick Rash 87 HFX USA nick_716 20 G - Justin Cole 85 SSK USA WhiteMocha 21 Down 2 LW - Matteo 82 HFX USA tunedtorock 22 Down 1 RW - Don Draper 80 OTT CAN Infernal 23 Down 1 LW - Nico Sulerzyski 79 LVA USA Brolaski 24 C - Teagan Glover 68 HFX USA Bucky___lastard 25 LW - Willy memelander 64 LVA SWE jacobaa19 26 LW - Austen Fourier 60 LVA FRA speck1447 27 D - Benson Van Roosen 60 YUK CAN Benson 28 Up 4 D - Fylo Gibbles 56 LVA USA SpartanGibbles 29 C - David Harrison 54 OSL USA Lightningyamasha 30 Down 2 G - Pekka Pouta 53 YUK FIN Snussu 31 Up 3 LW - Magnus Pederson 50 OSL NOR Bandit 32 Down 2 C - Luke Allman 48 OTT UK Luke Allman 33 Down 2 D - Jad Clapperton 47 HFX JAM Jad 34 NEW RW - Brian Strong 47 SSK USA Wheaties 35 Down 2 RW - Michael McConway 46 OSL USA Sixersfan549 36 Down 1 D - Hadrian Melborn 44 USA Bear 37 Down 1 D - Robert Burns 42 HFX USA OneBuffalo1230 38 Down 1 D - Derek Bohne 42 LVA GER wuma 39 Down 1 C - Josh Wilson 42 HFX CAN jDubzzz 40 LW - Milan Griffin 39 SSK ROM Sogarn 41 Down 2 C - Scead Simmons 38 SWE Scead Simmons 42 Down 1 LW - Kaz Uzu 36 CAN Kazuzu 43 Down 1 G - Evgeny Rapinsky 36 RUS Bonaventure 44 Down 1 C - Stray 34 YUK CAN Stray Games 45 Down 1 LW - Billy Kimber 34 HFX CAN Dingle 46 Down 1 D - Brett Ewing 32 SSK GER kegoo11 47 Down 1 RW - Callum MacElroy 32 UK GlowyGoat 48 Down 1 LW - Colum ODowd 32 IRE sour_chin_music Last updated: Jan. 20, 22:24 EST
  10. McWolf

    GM 160: New York Americans vs. Quebec City Meute

    Ayyy nice game boys
  11. McWolf

    (S65) RW - Brian Strong, TPE: 30

    Welcome in the league, @Wheaties !
  12. McWolf

    (S65) C - Tyler Brown, TPE: 30

    Welcome in the league, @tyler brown. Let me know if you need anything!
  13. McWolf

    GM 125: Saskatoon Wild vs. Halifax 21st

    That's nice.
  14. McWolf

    GM 148: Riga Reign vs. New York Americans

    Can we stop playing Riga now?
  15. McWolf

    Live S65 Draft Rankings

    Slow and steady wins the race
  16. McWolf

    Oh my god

    Agreed. Updaters gotta take one more minute to make sure the claims are valid before approving
  17. McWolf

    GM 119: Oslo Storm vs. Halifax 21st

    What a return! Glad to have you back, Moose!
  18. McWolf

    Live S65 Draft Rankings

    TPE change since the last update: Goonie +10 TPE Lightningyamasha +9 TPE Bonzaijoe +8 TPE eaglesfan036 +6 TPE Sharkstrong +6 TPE jacobaa19 +6 TPE FBR +5 TPE Sogarn +5 TPE Antone10 +4 TPE Bonaventure +4 TPE TacticalHammer +2 TPE BluObieZ +2 TPE Eudaldkp +1 TPE Fire Hakstol +1 TPE Kuch9 +1 TPE SpartanGibbles +1 TPE
  19. McWolf

    GM 116: Halifax 21st vs. Ottawa Lynx

    sorry about the lines @diamond_ace, I guess they asked the engine to do them following the trades and it put a lot of inactives over lesser actives (Smith > Chase for starters). We're correcting them for the next sim.
  20. McWolf

    LVA/HFX: S64

    I'll take Josh Wilson and Billy Kimber back, they are still active on the site and have no idea why they were in my scratches. Pretty sure I had them in the last lines I sent. I'll correct that ASAP.