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  1. 4th score both weeks 2nd most points overall only team at 0-2 fuck this shit
  2. inactive FA was broken in the offseason. We tried claiming Kingfish when it opened but Seattle got it first. We got Nixon now but yeah, really not our problem here.
  3. i take full responsibility. Ban me for I have sinned.
  4. oh this is where i hate all of you from
  5. You got it, @GRZ. You can stop scoring hatties now
  6. first two pt game of the season. McWolf finally shows up offensively. Big win, kids!
  7. big game, @GRZ keeping them close, buds
  8. McWolf


    yeah, that's my setup but with the 4 pt Welfare because i'm a baby VHLer
  9. D - Lance Flowers and since everyone before has their goalie already, I will pick mine already: G - Michael Johnson @Jayrad28, your turn. And you can skip me next time it's my pick, I'm all done. Also I guess @.sniffuM can pick his goalie too, since he's the only one without one still.
  10. McWolf


    @Rayzor_7 was looking forward to help with that, I know. dude wtf
  11. a quote sends a notification too haha I'm picking Jake Davis @Juddy OTC
  12. you only get to pick one guy Dizzy picked 2 because he's at the end of the snake draft, so last of round 1, first of round 2.
  13. so we are good for a while, right? sounds like solid picks, @Esso2264