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  1. don't listen to them, mr2k
  2. wait until you see who took over after you forgot to fight for 20 games
  3. Randy Marsh's reign of terror started with a bang. After becoming the first ever VFF champion in the fourth game of the season, he defended his title not more than 10 games later. Then, either potential opponents started being scared of him or maybe his retirement announcement brought him pity, but he barely even fought for a while. He ended up successfully defending his title two more times, drawing against both Wolf Weiss and Isabella Campbell, essentially prolonging his reign as the only VFF titleholder by an additional 20 games. But that's all he had left and, per the VFF Rulebook, his tit
  4. who's going to tell me who was a lick in this past offseason's draft?

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    2. rory


      all busts

    3. McWolf


      @rory you are the one that needs to fulfill the prophecy
      feed us our bimonthly dose of licks and busts

    4. Banackock


      I'll save you time and reading for Rory's edition, Wolf...


      Rory's S79 Edition: EvErYoNe BuSt, PiNeZ LiCk. :D 

  5. yeah I think I had LAS like 5th. while DAV def got better, they were so bad that it just makes them average. That and the fact that even when they are supposed good, they can barely do shit. Couldn't bring myself to hype them more than like 9th-10th.
  6. McWolf

    YUK/MIS; S79

    @diamond_ace do you store these somewhere or is it the GMs' responsibility to make sure the condition is respected?
  7. @Juice, @fromtheinside you guys take care. Thanks a lot for admitting that you need to step back. It's tough to lead a fun role like this one, but it's always better to step down while you're on top rather than waiting for someone to forcefully remove you. Mad resepcts.
  8. I bought many virtual ability preservers
  9. Hey. I did it. For the first time in my two VHL careers, I became a free agent. At the start of both careers, I pictured myself staying loyal to one team for my the full 8-season and, both times, I ended up being traded 2 or 3 times. And both for very different reasons. McWolf was this future Hall of Famer that teams wanted on the team. Hornet is looking like he struggle to fit in wherever he goes. He gets on a team late in a season, scores a bunch, the team has a fun time in the playoffs and then it all goes to crap the next season so he gets traded again. Until this time where I decided to m
  10. I see you Tri, can't wait to see what your next player's story is
  11. how can i afford the bus?