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  2. Sorry about the bad quality VHL logo its the biggest PNG I could find, If someone has a higher quality one lemme know!
  3. 1. We're over half way into the season now. How do you feel you've developed so far as a player this season? What are some areas your player has improved? What would you like to work on a little more? I've Been slacking more than I wanted too this season but my player has still grown well and has been performing better than I expected. Id like to improve my point totals and faceoffs.  2. What are some things you like about the VHL? What are some things you dislike? I like that it feels more important than the VHLM did, however the amount of TPE needed to level things up at this point and the decreasing amounts you get once you go into the VHL makes it pretty hard to feel like you're progressing IMO. 3. If you were in charge of the league for the day, what 1 thing would you change? I think i would make practice always 2 TPE even for VHLERS 4. What is your favorite VHLM team and why? .... lol 5. The VHL has seen a recent influx of minor tournaments with the world juniors and Brand teams. If you could implement a Minor Tournament, what would you base the teams on? Assign a VHLM team to a VHL team and have a U24 tourney or something idk.
  4. NYA fans have created a a ROTY card for both players due to their play this season.
  5. Some of the players are missing but they haven't picked a number yet.
  6. 1. The best-of-3 finals of the Sponsor's Shield Tournament will see the VIKING and True North Gear brands face each. Who do you think takes the first ever Cup home? I don't even know who ended up winning this thing tbh. 2. Are you satisfied with your position in the draft(s) that happened earlier this week? Yeah I was, I dropped a bit but it doesn't really matter cause I like my new teammates. 3. Who do you think are the frontrunners for the VHLM Founder's Cup this season? I don't know who will win, but hopefully, Nathan N and Jagger tear it up. 4. Do you like the atmosphere in your new VHLM team's locker room? Yes it's great, were a pretty young team and it's gunna be fun improving together. 5. What have you been focusing on during your most recent training sessions? Can't apply my training as I'm not actually called up yet but, I will be improving my passing, skating, and scoring. 6. Fun question for new members, horrible question for veterans: Are you superstitious? Do you have a pre-game routine? Nope.