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  1. RyanZabby

    NYA Jersey # tweet graphic

    Some of the players are missing but they haven't picked a number yet.
  2. RyanZabby

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. The best-of-3 finals of the Sponsor's Shield Tournament will see the VIKING and True North Gear brands face each. Who do you think takes the first ever Cup home? I don't even know who ended up winning this thing tbh. 2. Are you satisfied with your position in the draft(s) that happened earlier this week? Yeah I was, I dropped a bit but it doesn't really matter cause I like my new teammates. 3. Who do you think are the frontrunners for the VHLM Founder's Cup this season? I don't know who will win, but hopefully, Nathan N and Jagger tear it up. 4. Do you like the atmosphere in your new VHLM team's locker room? Yes it's great, were a pretty young team and it's gunna be fun improving together. 5. What have you been focusing on during your most recent training sessions? Can't apply my training as I'm not actually called up yet but, I will be improving my passing, skating, and scoring. 6. Fun question for new members, horrible question for veterans: Are you superstitious? Do you have a pre-game routine? Nope.
  3. RyanZabby

    Draft memes

    Made a meme gif for my new GM @Spade18 . For whatever reason, I couldn't upload it in the actual post so I'll have to link it unless someone knows how I can get it on here. https://imgur.com/a/KaNUhlj @ShawnGlade @Bushito @hedgehog337
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    NYA Training Camp

  5. RyanZabby

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

  6. RyanZabby

    Ryan Zabby VHL Sig

    Ended up making some changes after the fact to my sig and added the empire state building instead of the lines. It's most likely my current sig so check it out down below!
  7. RyanZabby

    VHLM Player Press Conference

    1. We had a influx of new members recently thanks to a big Reddit recruitment drive. (If you are a new member) How do you like the site so far? (If you are not new to the site) Are you scared about the new competition stealing your thunder? No. 2. Do you have any idea for the Recruitment Team regarding new avenues to recruit new members? Go to hockey-related places. 3. Were you surprised that the Saskatoon Wild disposed of the Ottawa Lynx so easily in the VHLM Founder's Cup Finals? Yeah kinda, the VHLM had strange playoffs though. 4. Do you think the Calgary Wranglers have what it takes to complete the comeback over the Riga Reign in the VHL Continental Cup Finals? This already happened so i won't comment. However, I'm excited to get started in the VHL this season. 5. Any VHL team you'd prefer to be selected by in the next VHL Entry Draft? I was hoping me and Nathan N, and Jagger could have been drafted to the same place but I wasn't really picky about what team drafted me. Ended up going to the Americans. 6. What are your objectives for next season? Just have a solid rookie season in general.