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  1. tfong

    2018 Holiday Bonus!

  2. tfong

    TOR/CGY: S64

    All these old guys and my young self here.
  3. Its only 4 for regular members. We could raise the bar for what qualifies for the 5 point pension. Also the extra effort is as you say, to generate media spots. That in itself should be part of the reason you want to do it. If you don't actually want to write an MS but feel obligated to do so, then perhaps you need to rethink what it means for you.
  4. tfong

    Quebec Meute Management Announcement

    Remove GM players and this never is a thought. Tzuyu would play for an Asian team only if that was an option.
  5. tfong

    Top 10 Playoff Performers of All Time

    Stupid Wingate deposing me of my #2 slot.
  6. tfong

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    AGMing seems to be more and more a thing these days.
  7. VIKING doesn't seem to have enough players in order to make lines. Think you guys need to fill in CPU players. @Quik @Devise
  8. tfong

    S63 VHLM Achievement Tracker

  9. tfong

    Holy fuck

    Holy fuck its @Megster
  10. tfong

    Top 10 Playoff Performers of All Time

    Someone should fix that entry total then haha.
  11. tfong

    Top 10 Playoff Performers of All Time

    @Victor Where is that 130 point stat from Campbell from? The HoF article says he only has 69 points. Also there should be a note that playoff branches were shorter back then as well so it shouldn't be held against me that because i stonewalled several teams in sweeps or 4-1 and didn't pick up more wins. Also I feel that those Calgary squads at times had greater depth especially when looking at the S25 squad that had more than half the roster as CPUs.
  12. tfong

    World Building in the VHL

    Uh sorry I have standards bruh.
  13. tfong

    World Building in the VHL

    You want a fling with Tzuyu?
  14. tfong

    Drouin as a Winger

    Incase @boubabi ever comes back. Hey @diamond_ace remember this convo? too bad @Kendrick is no longer here either Drouin seems to be doing a lot better now that he is a winger again. Domi resurgent year as the center. Huh...who would've thought.
  15. Tagger-san, why you not on discord?

    1. Tagger


      I don't have as much time anymore with the other stuff I'm doing. I pretty much just have time to check up on the games, research any stuff I need for my podcasts and give the occassional opinion in the BOG. 

    2. McWolf


      We miss you :(

  16. tfong

    Drouin as a Winger

    That makes more sense lol. Was like why put all your potential centers on the same line haha.
  17. tfong

    Drouin as a Winger

    Kotka isn't going to be a center long term?
  18. tfong

    Drouin as a Winger

    Whos more likely to be a 1C bet? Poehling or Suzuki?
  19. tfong

    Semifinal 1 GM 2: Quebec City Meute vs. Riga Reign

    Hope you guys both lose.
  20. tfong

    GMing Dominoes: Part 3

    You always were a jerk.