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Nyko's Great Graphics Tournament v2?


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@GustavMattias recently tagged me in Reno's media (check it out here) asking about doing things like graphics tournaments again, and I thought it could be time for one. Graphics has been growing in the VHL recently (maybe people were scared of getting flamed by gorlab?) and the last one would've been like 10 seasons ago. I'd be happy to host one again, would just need to determine a good format and know if there's interest or not.


If I was to host one again I wouldn't run a full double elimination bracket, since I think it takes too long, and the timing gets weird with off weeks and what not. Plus people also get more disinterested the longer it goes on, and I think double elim only benefits a few people. Most of the time the people who get out early would just have to face gorlab/enig/IR later on, and the double elimination only helps the top graphic makers when it gets to semi's and they are facing eachother.


Running single elim might technically be the best way, but I think it'd be too short and if someone gets unlucky or can't work well with whatever theme then it's rough, but I guess it does up the stakes.


I think if I was to run it again something like a group stage round robin might be interesting. My thoughts would be have a round robin stage, then the top 2 move on to a double elimination bracket? I think we had 16 sign-ups for the last one, so assuming the same number. Could have 4 groups of 4, would give 3 weeks of round-robin play. Then a double elimination bracket of 8? That'd be another 4/5 weeks which might be too long? Would be a total of 7/8 weeks. I think it's my favourite format, but would love to hear other thoughts on it.

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I'm down for whatever! I do agree that single elimination is a bit too harsh/anticlimactic in some situations, and if we get a smaller pool of people signing up (not that I think we would), I'd probably rather just see double like last time around.


Also on board for the round robin thing, anything works so long as someone in "decent" territory isn't out of the whole thing after a bad matchup on the first sig or something.

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