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S80 Team USA Roster Announcement


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I, and my dedicated AGM @Horcrux, would like to congratulate all of the players of US origins who were considered for this elite team.

However, only a few can be chosen. And, guess what? We've chosen the best.


No other team will be able to face us without fear and anguish. All who face off against Team USA will quake in their skates, and will likely turn the ice yellow.


Without wasting your time anymore, here we go!


Justin Lose @youloser1337 - RW

Isabella Campbell @Banackock - C

Muffbeav @.sniffuM - LW

Jolly Greene Giant @DoktorFunk - LW

John Merrick @Steve - C

Addison McLaren @tcookie - LW



Hard Markinson @STZ - D

Bob Tristan @N0HBDY - D

Erlantz Jokinen @jRuutu - D

Sportsboy57 @Sportsboy57 - D



Thadius Sales @thadthrasher - G

Markus Emerson Jr @Xflexz - G


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