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Jardy's Hecking Podcast, S2 Episode 3: Dream Team Theme Weenk


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Inappropriate conduct and narcissism galore in addition to ADHD rambling.





It's Theme Week! What does Jardy discuss for the theme? Well I'll tell you what I discuss NOT discussing:

- The All Jardy Dream Team (2:20)

- The S19 Calgary Wranglers; GOAT Championship Team OAT? (6:10)

- Dream Grader and Commissioner Collections (12:20)


Ultimately, Jardy's S82 Dream Team is discussed from 15:50 onwards.




Inactive Boomer Mentions:

@JardyB10 @Victor @Zero @Quik @WHEELsnipePARTY @STLZACH @Greg_Di @Knight @Higgins @Will @frescoelmo @Corco @probably not noah


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7 minutes ago, frescoelmo said:

@JardyB10 you realizing a few minutes in that you were talking about the wrong clegane... EPIC 

I was very seriously considering abandoning the recording and starting over.

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