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Questions for the Knight Brothers


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  • 2 weeks later...

Phil, where does last season rank in your favorite VHL seasons?


Knight, any preferences as to where you are drafted to in the VHL? Anywhere you don't want to go? (You may have answered this before but I don't remember)


Phil, have you thought about your next player yet or is that too far down the road?


Knight, would you ever want to take a leadership role in the VHL(M) again, or are those times done?

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When you've had a player in the league that will stand the test of time as one of the all time greats, does it make it harder to ignite the desire to make another? How do you keep interest, and will you ever hit the 110% activity role again?


Either or both can answer.

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This one is for David:





For Phil:

Rate a team's draft performance in the most recent draft (not mine though)

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Phil - Does being a Liverpool fan build character....and who will replace Brendan?


Phil - How long did it take you to write your recent epic party post?


Do you guys see anything missing from the VHL that you feel would be a good addition?

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Toronto drafted goaltenders David Blind in the second round and Fedir Okranitz fifth overall. Do you see a future for yourself in the Toronto franchise and pass Okranitz or do you think that you will need to find success elsewhere?


What are the chances that Riga repeats?


When do you plan on recreating Villeneuve?


Is David happy with Blind so far?

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  • 2 months later...

Have you given thought at all to what type of player your next player will be?


I think you said in the past you currently wouldn't want to be a VHL GM, but would you ever be interested in a VHLM GM position?


What would be your dream vacation spot?


Stuck on a boat for 1 day with 20 annoying kids or for 20 days with 1 annoying kid?

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If you could be Brendan Rogers for a week(you poor bastard), what transfers/changes would you make?




I'm really enjoying your return to recording these. Do you see yourself making this a regular gig?


How's your time in Seattle going?

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