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Are you tired to F5'ing your computer ?


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Well, wait no more. Scientists have founded a way to stop your madness with this new product.




If you live in the 21th century, you aren't using Internet Explorer. Well, I have this perfect product for you. It's called, PAGE MONITOR. Stop wasting your life on sim league refreshing the Index to see if Jardy used his drunk ass to sim games. 98% of the Americans have refreshed a page using F5, stop this madness !


Page Monitor is an amazing product that will help you saving tons of seconds ! YES, TONS ! 

Wait, there's more ! If you download this product now... you'll receive a virtual High Five from OBAMA. Yes, the one and only Barack Obama. When we asked the president about this amazing product, here's his answer.



You see the joy on his face ? That's a satisfied client over here. 


I know what you are thinking, do I need this product ? Hell yeah you do ! It's cancer free and fat free. You won't gain any weight with this AMAZING PRODUCT. You even might loose some weight with the numerous amount of time you'll save with this product. (More time to pleasure yourself !) 



"Is it complicated to use ?"


Diddly no !

Watch those simple steps.


First, you go on the index page, and you click on your new beautiful product. Select the third option to add this page your plugin !



Next, you right click on the button and select "Options"



Click on advance and adjust your preferences ! Personally, I like my PAGE MONITOR to look at the pages every 5 seconds, yes you heard it, 5 seconds !



Finally, you'll have a little boxm appearing when the page will be updated, isn't that wonderful ? WOW, I'm amazed by this amazing product.



Call now and get your PAGE MONITOR for FREE. Yes, you heard it, FREE. Not 19,99 bucks, not 9,99 $, not 1,99$. It's FREE!




This was sponsored by 



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