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The Seattle Job


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The shortest explanation of this VHL.com article - I want the job, even though I know I won't get it. 


Seattle has been in turmoil for awhile now. We made some upgrades to the team that gave the group some hope and made us somewhat competitive, the main one being the addition of Phil (which has turned the team attitude and mentality around), but we've made all of these strides without a fully committed GM. For what it is worth - Bushito should have his priorities right where they are, he is acting like each and every one of us would if we were in his situation, so I don't think we should be too hard on him. He has communicated with his team the issues, but the league also needed to intervene for its own priorities to be met. 


Anyway, Seattle is a place that I would have never wanted to go to two seasons ago (despite having been my original player's drafted team!), but now that is much different. Talking with Phil, enjoying the locker room a bit and mostly putting in a ton of time on the Team Point Task have given me an appreciation for Seattle, and I want to play a part in turning around what has been somewhat of a drought for the team. Seattle hasn't won the cup in almost 20 seasons, which is a rough stretch. 


I already know that I won't be taken seriously because I gave away my previous post to CoachReilly in Davos. However, I manned the team for a season and a half, going to the Cup Finals in both seasons and winning the first. The core of the roster was undoubtedly primarily the work of Victor, but I can't really change that. I didn't destroy the team however, and I did accomplish some things that benefited it. For one, I handled the lines for longer than that period, as Victor was away for most of that first year before I took over. I was able to bring CoachReilly (Lennox Moher) back to activity with some emailing and I also signed Godavari Yumalatopinto, convincing him to join us over the rival Riga Reign, helping us get to the finals past them. I was in a fortunate position, with a nice team already built, but I would argue that I was able to manage the team and fix any issues to keep them in that position as well. The team was left to Reilly with great assets moving forward.


I stepped down for two reasons, the first being that I had just gotten a job offer and I was under the assumption that I was going to be too busy to effectively lead the team. I've since found out that it doesn't really change my activity level much, in fact I can be more active than I was in school. I also wanted to go through the draft process, and I found that it wasn't nearly as exciting as I had hoped, partially due to my disinterest in Savage no doubt. I understand that giving up the position won't help my case, but real life always takes precedent and I found it necessary to commit to my career at the time. 


I don't know what the league or Higgins are planning to do with the position. Maybe Higgins wants to keep it not on an interim basis. I don't think Seattle was consulted at all, which seems strange, but I suppose something needed to be done quickly. At any rate, if the position is open, I'd like to be considered for it. It is going to take a lot of work to build a respectable future there, but I think it can be done. I think Seattle needs to keep building the atmosphere that they've been working on, bringing in quality players like Phil and Higgins, change the mindset. I think I can help. I've already seen some of the comments, so I know that I won't be taken seriously, but I'd like the spot and if nothing else, I'd like Mølholt to end up there to help.



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Rigged league. The most league TPE without contract purchases and then like hundreds more in season two. A real shame.

Was far from rigged, but that's part of the reason we shutdown.

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Yep, Breakers were a good active team for the two full seasons (Won't count the third since that was kind of a mess all round).


Can't say USFL was in my top three favourite football leagues (That'd be ISL, APSL and MFA) but it had a decent run. Just suffered from some new ideas that weren't fully fleshed out (College and Linemen), losing lots of key guys at the same time (Think it had more admin turnover in two and a half seasons than this one's had in the last twenty) and obviously the typical dramatic bullshit that manages to find it's way into every football league.

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