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Szatkowski Jr.


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It has been 8 glorious seasons of bitter sweet victory and defeat.  Going back to the time I came out of retirement back around Season 27 I have fully enjoyed my time here at the VHL.  Even further back to Season 1 my memories of the VHL have always been nothing but positive.  No matter the circumstances on or off the ice.  I don't see myself recreating in the near future as my only motivation to stay in the league would be to try and turn around a team.  Since there is nothing currently on the table for that I can't find the motivation to make just a player at this time.  As far as Szatkowski Jr. goes i just wanted to make the Hall of Fame again.  Ending my career with nearly 300 wins and getting close to the most shutouts in VHL history I'll say was a success even if I don't get in.  I'll be sticking around to check out the World Cup but I'll be bouncing out after that.

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Great Career Mike.


You've contributed so much to the VHL over the years and it's been a playing being your teammate. Thanks for all of your hard work and I do hope we'll see you around here again. 


All the best, my friend, and we'll see you later 





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