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What's happening with Quebec? [1/2]


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*still waiting for something*


I'm not sure what to write about for 8 TPE as I already missed the time to make the predictions and Seattle still is trying to beat Toronto despite trailing in series. However, I have some concerns about one rebuilding team and it's future. Since it is about the future of the team who missed the playoffs, I will take 8 TPE for this article, amirite @Will. So the topic of this media spot is:




Perhaps it's too early to panic, but Quebec's GM @Frank has pretty much being on hiatus for a month or more. Maybe he's just waiting for the S60 draft and he decided to spend the time before it on the outside, but then why he at least isn't claiming welfare for his goalie? That's weird. And while this team's rebuild is not being fucked up, I can't praise it either. Let's look at their potential franchise players: 


Phil Bennington: @Phil is inactive at that point. Probably he's tired from this league and he's feeling much better outside, but Quebec won't be happy with the 190 TPE prospect who hasn't been updated for months. 

Matthieu Bourdon: @Lunaro is inactive since last mid-November. His 250 TPE player would be a quite decent second pair def, but nothing more. 

Ben Green: @bgreene21 is being on/off with the activity here. Right now his activity level is off. 207 TPE at this point which is not that good. At least better than CPU, I guess. 



You can argue with me about their active prospects and players and you will be right. Quebec still has Keaton Louth, David Kiaskov and Lavar Ball. However, would Kiaskov and Louth be ready to wait? S59 will be their last rookie contract and I'm not sure what's going to happen with Quebec in S60 despite having 4 first round picks. Actually this draft might be a good one since we may see a couple of new members joining this league because of the potential welfare change. But will Frank be there? Will Quebec ready to compete right off the bat? Both of S57 players could be interested to know the answer as they could even consider to leave the team in case of uncertainty. It's not going to be pretty to spend their prime years in still a rebuilding team. 



So what I wanted to say? Quebec is still in a decent position for a rebuild, but Frank's absence makes me wonder about their future. They still have some time since this team has no S59 first, but maybe it's time to make a comeback, doing things with his goalie and make the LR more active than a dead place? Right now it's on three-time Continental Cup and a-lot-of NA conference and Knight Trophy winner, but he better reacts fast before he gets replaced. It would be a shame to see this team going from a 4-time NA conference cup and a Continental cup to a screwed rebuilding plan. Let's see how it goes because maybe soon we will know answers to all questions. 


That's it and I'm out.


6+2 TPE goes to Krīgars


some tags: @Beaviss @Exlaxchronicles @Mr.Baller

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Review: Looking back it seemed as if Frank was just pushing away from the league. Maybe he has had enough and just wanted to move on. Either way I am glad Beaviss stepped up and took on the role and I wish him luck. As for the players there that went inactive, kinda sucks to see that happen to a team, but we have all seen it before.

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