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Where my recreate's gonna play and why


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As Kastelic enters the twilight years of his career (regression hits him for the first time in S68), I've started to think about the next stage that I'll be taking as I recreate within the next few seasons (likely at the S70 trade deadline). First and foremost, I've already decided to make a scoring-first winger as a sort of contrast to my pass-first defender in Kastelic. Next up is some early scouting on the VHLM franchises that I'd sign with for the latter part of S70 and maybe even getting vocal about wanting to be drafted to for S71. Here's my initial thoughts on the teams available:


Tier 1: Ottawa, Yukon, Mexico City

It was Ottawa where I won a Founder's Cup in S62 and they were willing to pay the price to bring me in from where I was originally drafted. Yukon was the team willing to draft me in the fourth round as no other team even approached me in the day I existed before the draft. Mexico City represents the region that I campaigned to put a team into for a while, and Nyko himself is kind of a bud of mine I guess.


Tier 2: Philadelphia, San Diego

These are the two that I hear tons of good things about their respective GMs coming from prospects in the VHLM, plus I dig their logos and their cities, AND they're relatively new franchises.


Tier 3: Minnesota, Houston, Halifax, Mississauga

I have no strong feelings one way or another. If Minny had a better logo they'd probably bump up a tier because of the Winnipeg connection, but in what universe is Zeus a ginger? Halifax recently got upgraded from the lower tier because of their new logos.


Tier 4: Las Vegas, Saskatoon

Sorry Matt and Peace, no hard feelings to you two, but Vegas' logo has always irked me a bit and rivaling with them as a Lynx in S62 leaves me averse to playing on the roster and Saskatoon might just be the most boring city to ever be awarded a franchise in any sim league. Yes, worse than West Kendall.


Feel free to roast me below.


360 words.

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32 minutes ago, Rayzor_7 said:

How about the fact that the GM is from Winnipeg  ?


That's the Peg connection I'm talking about :P Saskatoon is probably closer to us than Minny

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7 hours ago, Sonnet said:

I only care about my signing season, where I'm going to try and sign with both you and @McWolf.

Convince Eno to push the Hounds up the list please

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