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Boubabi Poem


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There once was a great member named Boubabi

He was French Canadian, and not Punjabi.


His players were the best, a Franchise Cornerstone

Love him or hate him, his presence was Known.


He was the all time VHL tpe leader

But he was also a chaos breeder


He made great graphics, and pretty pictures

But that didn't matter, due to the VHL's strictures


He tried to make some members look like fools

Which resulted in him breaking the rules


He was perma banned for the first time

But he had not yet finished his VHL climb


After a few month hiatus Boubabi returned

But blue team was still left concerned


The Brett-Slobodzian-trophy-voting brought his demise

Much to @Higgins tears and many long cries


We shall never see his like again

Boubabi sera toujours le meilleur chien


In his place we have many pretenders

But Robbie and DT aren't as big offenders


Long Live Boubabi

Vive Boubabi









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5 minutes ago, Mike said:

So what did he get banned for?  I didnt see anything bad.

That but repeatedly everywhere and probably more derogatory in other places.


He has been unbanned now though because we soft af.

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19 hours ago, Victor said:



Here's 16 pages instead.


I expect the same fate will befall Hogan in the near future.


TBH I skimmed back through this, lol @ all the keyboard crusaders with their thick skins

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