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MAL/RIG; S68 off-season


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Welcome @McWolf who I am thrilled to team up with again now on Malmo!


Sad to see @xsjack go.  He was an original Nighthawk and a tremendous member.  He will be missed but will be going to a situation that will be a lot better for his player to perform.


Thanks for the quick trading @hedgehog337

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Already forwarded my thanks to both sides in private, but let's do it again here for the sake of it.


Thanks @hedgehog337 for trading for an IA dman on verge on depreciation two seasons ago. I wasn't aware of it, but I did join the league straight after and I had an absolute blast these two seasons in Riga. The S62 Ottawa reunion with @Enorama and you was great. We had great runs, I had a ton of individual success, adding two trophies to my showcase. It's really just a shame that it never ended with a Cup. Would have been my first one ever here, and it would have made for a great storyline. Thanks too for making me this season's cap casualty, too. It may sound weird, said like that, but I'm glad I was the one to get axed. It's not that I didn't like the team and wanted to go. Me asking to be traded was more related to you not needing me at all. You got @Renomitsu and @Tate developping two crazy defensemen. The blueline would have been very crowded next season and, if someone had to go, I'd rather it be me, to give the kids a chance at leading this team too. Good luck y'all next season, I will be cheering for you.


And thanks for having me aboard @Advantage. I'm excited for this new opportunity. I really think we can do great things this season. I was excited for the S62 reunion with Kastelic and Kriketers, but I am as well for the one with RSJ next season. We didn't have as much success as we hoped together in New York, but we got buff since then. Let's do it!


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  • Victor changed the title to MAL/RIG; S68 off-season

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