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  1. I Guess he decided to come to the good team
  2. Skater- Sin-Bin Skater- Mr.Independence (New York) Goalie- Joseph Stalin (Moscow)
  3. 1. Ether Matthew materazo or Michael Johnson it’s between the 2 of them 2.kinda so far I am leading the league in goals with 6 but only have 7 points so I want more assists but otherwise I am fine with my performance so far 3. Our future I think we have the brightest future in the league I say by S69 we will be Championship contenders for sure 7. "The Lyncher " I think it’s cause my last name or maybe cause I like lynching people or a bit of both I don’t know really 8. Hopefully but I think I can play for mercenaries or team world I would be surprised if I played for Canada 10. it doesn’t matter to me so definitely a yes especially if their Doug’s sloppy seconds
  4. I’m in history joined back in December played 2 seasons in the M with Ottawa and Houston got drafted 16 by davos in the S65 draft now am around 8th for tpe in that draft got selected by malmo in the expansion draft had a good Rookie season
  5. 56 Helsinki Titans 57 Toronto Legion 58 Malmo Nighthawks 59 New York Americans 
  6. Isn’t he on New York now