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  1. 1.yes I think it’s definitely possible 2.it could but I feel other guys on the team will step up in the playoffs 3.Halifax for sure 4.Yukon and Halifax 5.yes this will be a bloody war 6.definitely the chance is there he just needs to seize on it
  2. xsjack

    The Journey

    It was a cold late October morning as Dekster stepped off the plane and began making his way through the Saskatoon airport he had never stepped foot in Saskatchewan before today but he was told it was slightly similar to Manitoba his home for the last three years he kept walking only stopping to grab his baggage,The eighteen year old had only been on a plane once before and that was three years ago when he was on a very long flight across the Atlantic leaving his home nation of Poland behind,He missed his family back home he wondered what they were up to right now,He didn’t have much close fam
  3. 1.I think we can definitely keep the momentum up and keep on winning 2. It’s always Great to see your teammates succeed and I hope many more come for them 3.definitely defence I would say 4. mine is looking pretty decent so far 5.rock n roll - Scorey 6.I think it’s great gives guys who are pass the M but not ready for the VHL a place to get ready for their first season in the VHL
  4. 1. A deep playoff run 2.to keep improving and maybe have a 50 point season 3.Chara easy the man is 6’8 4.idk yet as I am pretty new to the team 5.well getting drafted by Warsaw would be pretty cool being able to be close to home or I would like to be drafted to a team in western Canada 6.I absolutely love pineapple and yes it’s good on pizza
  5. Player Information Username: xsjack Player Name: Dekster Jankowski Recruited From: Returning Age: 18 Position: C Height: 77 in. Weight: 185 lbs. Birthplace: Poland Player Page @VHLM GM
  6. 1.we need to play more aggressive show them we won’t back down easy 2.yes but he’ll pick up his play and so we will we 3.nope not all he’s a great player and he’s playing like one 4.its between Malmo and Prague for me I love the colours and the design of both 5.My Hometown Jets Of Course game 1 was kind of bad but even with injuries we won game 2 so I have hope 6.i was pretty young probably around 4ish
  7. 1.To Have a strong season get like 50 points help the team win another championship and at the end of the season get called up to Prague 2.Cal he’s the one who’s gonna keep the pucks out of our net while we hammer them down there’s 3.i think we will slow down a bit but still keep a good place 4. Went Golfing,Hunting Trained Of Course 5.The Jets 2018 Playoff Run To The WCF 6.Pepsi but they taste almost the same
  8. Player Information Username: xsjack Player Name: Secel Keller Recruited From: Other (Re Create) Age: 22 Position: RW Height: 75 in. Weight: 215 lbs. Birthplace: Denmark Player Page
  9. Just waiting for the next trade deadline so I can recreate at the best time