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  1. Obviously when you have jack Lynch to pass the puck to, you better be good
  2. 1. I can see us staying at second and even first cause we beat hailifax before and we are on a winning streak 2. Don’t make any trades yet unless we start losing a lot 3. DEFENCE for sure everything else seems great 4. Amazing I am 2nd in points and goals top ten in assists could be better and take that number one spot from HHH and also leading us to 2nd spot in the league 5. Yea they got so many they are definitely set up for the next couple seasons 6. Nooooooo
  3. 170 Calgary Wranglers 171 Seattle Bears 172 Riga Reign 173 Helsinki Titans
  4. 1. Vegas and Halifax most likely but Minnesota and Houston could sneak in 2. Sell the entire team basically so they are set up for next season 3. Yea I hope to represent team Canada and win gold 4. For MVP it’s a three race right now between Triple H Wolfe And Lynch best dman is definitely Wolfe and best two forward I would not know could be anyone 5. Country roads by John Denver 6 helpful wonderful Laidback
  5. 1. We still bad but not as bad as they think 2. Trash but some easy wins against sask 3. Yea duh if you didn’t your stupid 4. Everything once I can 5. Winnipeg gotta rep my home city second would be Tampa 6. Don’t have one yet