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  1. xsjack

    WJC Predictions

    1. USA 2. Canada 3. Europe 4. Teagan Glover
  2. When I say the title I thought Moscow was aiming for 10 wins this season
  3. Malmo is better than davos also Lynch is better than dahlberg
  4. New York messed up what was spade thinking
  5. They could have protected you then trade you to malmo for that pick they lost and more
  6. They probably didn’t protect you cause they were going in to a rebuild
  7. Its easy to banter when you are good davos can’t say the same though
  8. The real reason why davos is playing bad is because they lost Lynch that’s why malmo is better
  9. Other articles that aren’t as long as a media spot get posted in vhl.com articles and you can claim that for 2 tpe so for an example you could post this in vhl.com articles
  10. If you are making an article and it’s over 500 words you can post it in media spots and claim it for 6 tpe
  11. You can’t post in here if you aren’t vsn