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WC GM's feel free to send all lines to rpower22@gmail.com


Let's have a fun tournament everyone, a double sim to catch up will commence in the morning/afternoon when I've gotten lines from all six GM's. :cheers: 

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4 minutes ago, MexicanCow123 said:

Won't have my lines In till like 8 EST. I've got school today.

Let me know if you need a hand. I can assist with creating an initial line file and have it submitted a couple hours before then.

Depending how eager we are to get started.

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Bump. Medal Round Index added!


Going to get the medal round started later tonight with the first two elimination match ups. Canada and Western Europe have the byes which means, USA, Scandinavia, World and Mercenaries are all up in the first round. Feel free to send in any line changes WC GM's. 

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