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[S69] (S65) C - Gritty


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I truly appreciate every GM's interest in signing me.


@Banackock - I was very torn and really close to signing with Seattle. Strategically I think they made the most sense, but there is more that went into this decision for me. I also really respect the hustle, you remind me of myself when I was a GM. You are among the most active GMs, and reached out to me as soon as 11 struck. While you may occasionally be irritable, I respect the hustle and your passion for your team. 

@Devise - Toronto would have been an intriguing fit for Gritty from a personnel/lines standpoint, as I think it's a team that Gritty could put up a lot of points with. Strategically we probably would have been able to compete with Seattle.

@Bushito - While I do like Calgary from my long time being their GM, I don't have any desire to have an inactive as my GM. Thank you for the interest though. 

@ShawnGlade - I feel really bad leaving the team for nothing because as a former GM I know it would suck. I don't think that ever actually happened to me though, I advise that you ask GMs if you can speak with a player before trading for them, and pay attention to what is remaining on their contract. While I was cool with being on Davos and you are a nice guy and all, I just have my doubts Davos could be a contender at the moment, and considering I had only spent a half season on Davos I felt no true loyalty forcing me to stay. If me and Flyersfan re-signed it would be a repeat of last season, and the team would be stuck in purgatory rather than do a true rebuild, which is what this team really needs. Talk to me in a few seasons if Davos is a contender again! 

@Victor - Moscow checks off a lot of boxes for me. I really wanted to play for an expansion team and be a part of a team's very first cup win, as  I think it would be really cool to make history like that. I was in love with the whole Moscow idea since the team came out, and never got a chance to play with Victor, who is one of my favorite members on here. Strategically, once we dump some empty salaries, I feel confident me and Flyers can supplement this roster into a good team. We have some high tpe players and a tpe whore of a goalie who I am excited to see grow. Lastly, I want to get back into the GM game, and Victor has agreed to name me assistant GM, and even run the draft for him tonight since he lives in UK time. 


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3 minutes ago, Advantage said:

I would say some moves are coming from Moscow 




Good signings though.



salary cap is automatically calculated on the portal now?


I had to manually calculate that every year and it was always a major pain to map all that out

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3 minutes ago, eaglesfan036 said:

salary cap is automatically calculated on the portal now?

The one part that is not auto tracked is backup goalie discount. We get up to a 2mil discount against the contract of a 2nd human goalie.

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1 minute ago, Mr_Hatter said:

Thanks for the S/O, excited to have you on board!!!


Keep earning that tpe, a lot is riding on you. Having a tpe whore goalie on a rookie contract is a great advantage for filling out the rest of the roster. 

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