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Am I risking burnout?


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If you don’t know who I am at this point you haven’t been paying attention. I’m the guy that responds to literally everything you post. Whether you like it or hate it, I’m here to stay... for now? Only a week into my “quest” to reach 500 forum posts in 31 days, I have yet to lose motivation to log on and take care of my daily activities. I wasn’t expecting to make such quick progress, as I’m already creeping up on 400 posts. My question is: will I ever grow tired of the forum? Of course, it’s inevitable that I will one day decide to move on from the VHL, but how far away is that day? At the moment, it’s easy for me to say that day will never come. While I can say that all I want, I’ve only been active for a week or two. I’m not necessarily asking for advice, but I would like to know what some of you think. Is this going to one day take its toll on me or the community? Perhaps you could argue that it’s going to keep me continually active in the forum. Is there anything else I should do to contribute rather than just responding to people? Should I maybe apply for a job? Anyway, if you care enough, let me know what you think. I appreciate any comments, suggestions and constructive criticism. 


Have a great rest of your day. 

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20 minutes ago, .sniffuM said:

If you enjoy engaging with every thread, great. Don't feel like you have to do it, or that you're forcing yourself to, as that's where the burnout's gonna come from.

Absolutely. There are days when I can't get enough of this stuff, and there are also days when I don't care enough to read through everything. So I don't. A few times, I've even decided "you know what, I've got a lot of time on my hands, but I'm going to step away from the league (and the Internet as a whole) for a few days, just to clear my head a bit and maybe try something new." 


So yeah, be active, that's wonderful and we love it here. But burning out is a real trap that I've seen people fall into--being reasonably active is better than being super active and burning out because of it.

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You just have to know yourself. I enjoy being here, and when I have a player I enjoy checking fairly often (especially at work). But I also purposefully take a few seasons off between players to recharge, because I know I'd burn out otherwise (often find myself slipping come seasons 7-8 of a career). Definitely agree with the above - being introspective and thinking about it is half the battle.

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43 minutes ago, Motzaburger said:

I just lectured on burnout. If you're enjoying it, no one is forcing you, you are challenging yourself to reach/accomplish goals, and you know how to balance your life when the VHL becomes too much....then no you won't burnout (theoretically). 

lecture me papa

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