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Prague Phantoms AGM Change


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So, a slight change in staffing. @Seabass is remaining as part of my internal strats crew as his insights are valuable to me and I don't want to lose that, but he has decided to relinquish the AGM job in particular, so that a new guy could get an opportunity.


As a result, there just so happens to be a new guy who is already a member of Prague, has already stepped up to help with some draft scouting due to being in a few different VHLM discords, and I'm definitely happy to give him such a role, both as a matter of giving him a resume for future jobs, as well as seeing the backstage of how a team is run (and where better than a team with two VHLM commissioners, a VHLM GM, and the guy who is specifically vacating on his behalf).

Welcome @domg5 to the ranks!

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Thanks for giving me my first Managing opportunity @diamond_ace . I had given up on applying for AGM jobs completely after having my applications repeatedly ignored in the VHLM and DA gave me a chance when nobody else wanted to. Hopefully I was of some use over seasons. It was an honor serving as this team's AGM over the past 5-6 (can't remember) seasons and I will forever be grateful. Looking towards the future I will still be giving the Phantoms Phamily and the new AGM, @domg5 support in any way I can as I just fucken love this team.

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First, I want to thank @Seabass, this would never had been possible if he didn’t decide to give the place to someone new, this is a proof that this league is full of nice people who cares for each others. I also want to thank @diamond_ace  for offering me the job, I wasn’t expecting this tonight and it really made my day. I will surely use this opportunity to learn everything I can about both the league and STHS. I’m already hyped for the upcoming draft and to welcome some new players to our locker room! Go Phamtoms go!!

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