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  1. VHL Portal - Team View

    They should be showing all winners, I must have messed something up when I fixed the links! Will fix! You mean on the portal? That poses challenges
  2. VHL Portal - Team View

    You said ‘and individual ones for each team too’ so I was assuming you were referring to leage-wide. But I see you meant individual leaders.
  3. VHL Portal - Team View

    That already exists?
  4. VHL Portal - Team View

    Opps I forgot there were links there Fixed!
  5. VHL Portal - Team View

    Another major new feature! There is now a page for each VHL team, like so: http://vhlportal.com/stats/team/9 These pages display quite a lot of information about players including all attributes, TPA, stats and player info. It also displays the teams schedule (with links to each game) and all awards won by that team or a member of it. As well, all player names are clickable to take you to their player page to view their career stats and such. This makes a very convenient way to access player pages most of the time, versus the kind of clunky player list page. Overall, I think these do a nice job of tying together the index/stats aspect of the Portal as you now have a super convenient way of accessing most of the info you would normally go to the index for. The team pages can be accessed through the logo images above the menu bar similar to the links on the forum. On mobile, these can be accessed under the TEAMS menu. Note: If the logo images are displaying all fucky, you just need to clear your browser cache. Things to add to this soon: - Display lines - Display team stats (i.e. special teams, ect) But I need to figure out a good way to do those and right now I need to fix up the VHLM support now so I'm going to put those two off for a little bit. Also: I uncovered a mistake I made that was causing really excessive load times on areas of the site that have a lot of links to player pages, like Team Scoring and Individual Leaders. The fix cut the amount of database hits by about 95% so you'll likely see a noticeable load improvement in those areas.
  6. G - Roger Sterling

    It’s a throwback to the Don Draper days! Also, a guy doing your taxes would actually be a pretty ‘Will’ name tbqh
  7. G - Roger Sterling

    # of Roger's wives
  8. G - Roger Sterling

    Player Information Username: @Will Full Name: Roger Sterling Position: G Age: 26 Handedness: Left Recruited By: Player Attributes Total Points Earned: 73 (43 Banked) SK = Skating: 50 SZ = Size: 50 AG = Agility: 35 RB = Rebound Control: 35 SC = Style Control: 35 HS = Hand Speed: 35 RT = Reaction Time: 35 PS = Penalty Shot: 35 EX = Experience: 35 LD = Leadership: 35 Other Jersey Number: 17 Height (inches): 6' 0" (72) Weight (lbs.): 200 lbs Birthplace: Halifax, Canada Awards Career Stats Player Movement Past Players (S38) D/C - Don Draper, TPE: 1,011 (S45) C - Aleksi Koponen, TPE: 1103 (S53) LW - John Locke, TPE: 907
  9. Ban Thread

    Boubabi has been banned indefinitely. While I realize this was said once before, he was allowed back on the ideas of second chances and due process. At this point we’ve exhausted all alternatives with minimal to negative results. Nobody can reasonably claim he wasn’t given ample warnings and opportunities, up to and including an extraordinarily specific warning following his above suspension that this would be our next course of action. Ultimately his reaction upon returning has left us no viable alternative to following through on that warning. It’s become sadly clear that something needs to change, and no further amount of warnings or public statements was going to do it. We’ve been on an unsustainable path as a community the last while with the admin team forced to devote more time than in any other period in VHL history to keeping the peace and disciplining members. It’s my hope that this action puts us back on a better track to where we can all have fun without taking the league too seriously.
  10. RW - Edwin Preencarnacion

    Welcome back @Tagger!!
  11. G - Brody Neufeld

    Got it! I updated your page here:
  12. What are the VHLM teams?

    1. Will


      You can find the five VHLM teams here: http://vhlforum.com/forum/128-world-conference/

  13. D - Jacob Smith

    Welcome fellow Atlantic Canadian!
  14. Matthieu Adolphus

  15. How do i create a player?

    Welcome man! Here's a quick guide on creating a player, it's pretty straightforward: Mainly, just copy the Skater Template or Goalie Template into a new topic in this forum and fill it out