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  1. 1. Whats your favourite song? If you don't have one just choose a random one. dayglow- can i call you tonight 2. Got any questions about the league? no 3. Saskatoon is currently 22-1 on a 20 game streak. When and who do you think they drop it to? us of course 4. How much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo 5. Where do you think you're going next season? VHLM or VHL draft? Stay down or go up? probably staying in the vhlm. prefer to stay in minors in sim leagues 6. Howmuch water do you drink on average per day? not as much as i should
  2. 1. Welcome to Ottawa! Compared to our abysmal last season where do you think we will rank. win the cup ez 2. Favourite VHL logo? malmo 3. Favourite VHLM logo? either the 21st or the reapers 4. Whats your favourite NHL team? canucks 5. Do you like what position you were drafted at? yea considering i was inactive prior to it 6. How do you feel about Ottawa so far? its ok
  3. 2. Are you excited for Halloween? Yea 3. How do you feel about our chances against Yukon? Good 4. Are you happy with our 4th place finishing? Obviously not. I'm sure we all want to finish at the top, and I do think we're capable of doing so, but we've always got next season. 5. Are you looking forward to the draft or worried about Playoffs? The draft, mostly. 6. Who do you want to get drafted by in the VHL or VHLM depending on your draft class? Not entirely sure. Haven't kept up as much as previous seasons. Just gonna play the way I am regardless of where I go. 7. What is one thing you would change about this season? Win more 10. Who should be overthrown first Gustav or Berocka? Gustav needs to be in a position of power to be overthrown
  4. Playing hockey is expensive. Playing ice hockey, is expensive. Playing ice hockey, while trying to be a goalie, a bit more so. So for young Aleksandrov, at age 16, becoming a goalie and stealing games like some of the greats would only be accomplishable in a procrastinistic passing thought or a rare lucid dream. He'd settle for playing goalie with some soccer shin pads and a regular sherwood wooden stick. Penza is one of the poorest cities in the entire country of Russia, and the Aleksandrov household most definitely couldn't afford to pay for the goalie equipment AA would need to start playing, as that money would have to go towards school, food, rent, bills, and other services. It just wasn't possible. That was, until, Aleksandrov happened to meet his gym teacher in high school. A former goalie himself, and a Penza native; Maxim Pjotr. Pjotr, fortunately enough, also coached the High School hockey team, and saw potential in Aleksandrov through gym class. Aleksandrov, for the first time, had actual goalie equipment supplied by the school. Sure, it was dingy, smelly, and probably older than Aleksandrov himself, but it was better than the ragtag kit he'd use on the streets. Penza never really won any championships, but Aleksandrov would continue to use team from team as actual stepping stone to advance into various junior leagues. Bouncing from city to city, making ends meet, after scrounging enough money to buy his own equipment, Aleksandrov found himself playing for junior Swedish leagues. Pjotr helped Aleksandrov correct his form, skating, and stick handling, which tended to stick out considering he got into the sport so late. Even now, these problems plague his game, but nonetheless, the Russian duo work on ironing out these issues. It wasn't a tough journey up to this point, and it wasn't any easier to say goodbye to friends and teammates again and again, and it certainly took a toll on Aleks. Things seemed to always seem bleak, as if this whole adventure might just turn out to be a huge waste of time. That he'd have to return back home, work a normal 9 to 5, and waste his days away only wondering what "could've been" if he was just a little bit faster, or a little bit better. Through another stroke of luck, the Mississauga Hounds goaltender at the time went through a shock retirement. The Hounds set up an open try out for their next goaltender, and after weeks of practice against a multitude of goalies from across the globe, Aleksandrov struck out with a contract with the Hounds. Now, he finds himself between the pipes as a starter for the team, one the youngest in the league.
  5. 1. After going on a hot streak last week after the deadline, we've inexplicably run up a string of losses, despite running the same lines. Is this a concern? no we have an elite goaltender 2. There's been a lot of talk about VSN and the obvious issues currently affecting it--they've got only a couple active writers at the moment, and it's been that way for months. What do you think is the best way to fix this? I don't pay attention to vsn, evidently I'm not the only one 3. Balentine Kidd and Jerry Wang are now TIED at 89 points apiece. Who takes the Hounds' points title? Kidd, because Wang is annoying. Kidd > Wang, change my mind. You can't. 4. Our points leaders have also dropped a bit on the overall points leaderboard, with Kidd and Wang tied for 6th and Louth losing his lead among defensemen. Is this a concern, or do you think it can be fully explained by the fact that our roster has filled out a bit more since the signings at the deadline? our roster got deeper so it's obvious that our top end scoring takes a hit. We can rely on the rest of the roster this way, and come next season the benefits will be clear. 5. The Hounds officially cliched the playoffs today! Who do you think we'll match up against, and what do you think will happen? doesn't matter we'll win either way 6. Last but not least--our regular season is likely set to come to an end by the end of this week. What's been your favorite memory or moment of the regular season? got a couple shutouts, that's pretty cool. Definitely not signing with aleksandra tho
  6. i feel like aleksandrov would be first for blocked shots
  7. 1. Today alone, the Hounds made FOUR waiver signings, including our very own league commissioner beketov as our second center. Does this put us up in the league's top tier? Why or why not? no because Aleksandra Olsen is a plug 2. Which of our new signings will have the largest impact: Lahtinen, Kachur, Aleksandrov, or Olsen? Why? Aleksandrov because going from 0 goalies to 1 goalie is very easily the largest impact 3. If you've been here a while, explain the Hounds experience in 10 words or less. If you haven't, what would you like to know about the Hounds experience? kind of, ever so slightly better than the houston bulls 4. Mikko Lahtinen needs a place to stay while he's looking for an apartment in Mississauga. Whose house should he stay at, and whose do you recommend he doesn't? Not Aleksandra Olsen thats for sure but Aleksandr's is pretty cool 5. Will your stat line be better or worse for the rest of the season? Why? If you're new, predict your stat line for the rest of the season. 1.000 sv%, never lose a game 6. What's your favorite NHL team and how do you think they'll do this season? Vancouver Canucks, we're gonna miss playoffs, pick 8th, benning gets fired