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  1. Ok who told @Beaviss that we are still on sticking with 2 line teams?
  2. You will stay Boom you are like me you can never truly leave @Head of PT
  3. When @TheLastOlympian07 scores that's when you know we had a good game
  4. When the first season of GoT came out you were 6 lol
  5. In honor of the finale of game of thrones, I'll compare VHL members to GoT characters: Hot Pie - @DilIsPickle - Hot Pie is just a talkative lovable dude who throws outrageous statements out there like because you wear armor you are automatically a knight. Any of the Iron Born - Robbie Zimmers because he is always trying to start shit but it never really turns into anything and he is easily conquered (I forget who he is someone please tag) Gendry - @Will because he is kind of important to the grand scheme of things but disappears rowing his boat for 3 seasons Tywin Lannister - @boubabi - Replace Franchise Cornerstone with the Lannister legacy and they fight just as hard for the same thing (though Tywin is smarter) Ser Davos - @tfong tries really hard to be the adult in the room in general chat Melisandre - @Beketov because he has been with the league since S1 and is 1,000 years old just like her
  6. 1) Because answering questions is much more fun and easier than asking questions 2) I do really need to sleep because if I don't average at least 7 hours a day it's really rough for me 3) Beaviss and TLO told me I was being a negative nancy in the locker room, so I decided to bring positive energy and see how that works 4) Because I am way better then him in Kam Jam 5) My grandfather is a 4 for 4 Philly fan, then my father was born into the Philly religion, and now I have been born into it 6) They are a fun way to joke around and people who get offended by them are silly
  7. Wawd you dew

    1. Munk


      congrats on ur gr 12 grad 

    2. Positivefan036


      Thnx beb I lrn much smarts many wisdom

  8. What is it with Seattle playing us tough