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  1. No mention of Gritty Also, is @Devise actually going to stick through with this rebuild, or is he just gonna peace out again? It would be kinda unfair to dump that on a new GM
  2. 1) Would you ever want to go into FA at the same time as me and both pick the same team? 2) Looks like the playoffs are going to be Davos vs Vancouver. Would you like to make a friendly wager on it? 3) Compare the Swaggy Sniper's left winger to a player on here 4) Do you remember when you were GM if you lived by any certain sets of strategies or line combos, or did you just copy what previous successful teams did? 5) Have you warmed up to the real life Gritty some? I remember before you told me you thought it was dumb 6) I think Vancouver is in the same place as Davos, with a worrisome chance to be stuck in mediocrity as a lower tier playoff team, but will never win the cup. Do you agree with this assessment? 7) @ShawnGlade's player was traded to Vancouver, and now he is playing himself in the 1st round of the playoffs. Do you agree this is stupid? 8) What would make you consider leaving from the VHL for good, if anything? 9) Will you ever make a goalie again? 10) Did you see @Munk logged in here again recently? If you had to guess, how old do you think he is?
  3. I've decided I'm going to be a good boy from now on because I want to be a VHL Gm again

    1. Motzaburger


      Hire me as your AGM and we will make history. 

    2. Victor


      GMs don’t step down anymore they just die on the job.

  4. Back in the day people had to kind of be begged to do this, great to see so many applicants already!
  5. Pretty much this. I used to be a very meaningful contributor
  6. It's been a while since I had super meaningful contributions on here, but let's look at the list of many of things I did to help this great website. I will try to do this in chronological order: 1) Grader - I think at least a year. This was way back with the old grading system old people will know what I mean 2) VHLM GM - Extremely active GM with Yukon, go back and look at my posts with them around like S35 I think it was. I won back to back cups with Yukon and made it to the finals 3 seasons in a row 3) VHL GM - I was initially an extremely active VHL GM, won the cup with Calgary in S44, made it to 3 straight finals (S44-S47). After that I was just a decent GM but still was with Calgary for a very long tenure 4) VHLM Commish - I spent I believe 2 real life years as a VHLM Commish, and really helped reform the VHLM by constantly keeping a watchful eye on my GMs making sure they were active, popping into locker rooms, consistently posting game threads, hosting drafts, etc. Worked with many fine people in this role such as Smarch, Flyersfan, and Adv and was the consistent presence there the whole time. Led some VHLM reforms such as firing DT for refusing to play his active player over a higher tpe inactive, implemented the 3 game thread posts for practice facility change (led to way more discussion and caring about the games). 5) BoG member - I don't remember how long I was in there, pretty sure it spans over many years. I would like to rejoin the BoG at some point, but I understand why I haven't been put back in considering how trolly I have been lately. 6) Led many recruitment iniaitives - I wasn't ever head of recruitment per se, but I did organize us having ads on Reddit and maybe Twitter, posted all sorts of new member guides that are still available, spammed lots of youtube comments, etc. I also used to try to chat up and help out new members as much as possible. 7) My regression articles - probably my most meaningful contribution as of late. I know that aren't game changing or anything but the numbers are pretty cool to see. My point is, I have a pretty comparable track to @flyersfan1453 and @diamond_ace, as they have taken on many of the same roles as me. And while they overall have made more good players than me, I have made some pretty solid ones in the past in RGIII and Tim TebowGow, and Gritty looks to be on that track too.
  7. @Victor why are you doing the results so early. I always do my VHL stuff Sunday night, and if you do it before midnight real time (USA East) then you are screwing over us Americans you commie bastard
  8. 1) I was told in the Vancouver LR I was being too negative, and I sort of agreed to I decided as a spoof on that I would remain positive this entire season 2) Certainly not good players as I've never really had near a HoF player. Mostly interacting with all the members, and chaos is fun like S43 Seattle big upsets and DT having meltdowns about timezones 3) Unfortunately not, I am unable to replicate @Munk's unique sense of humor. 4) @flyersfan1453 usually is the one to initiate sim league conversations with me. His current sim league flex is telling me to join the SBA, which just isn't going to happen as I am barely on here. 5) That would be a lot of fun. I think he might have been Riga GM when I was Calgary GM so that could have happened. I also think it would be fun for us to have real life negotiations with each other. 6) From @Beaviss - My stats are about where I expected, Gritty has become a useful player at around 400 tpe but is not yet a stud. Stud won't come for a few seasons yet I am fine being a supportive role player for now.