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  1. How do you write about yukon without mentioning their greatest GM and arguably the greatest vhlm gm of all time
  2. @Sixersfan594 was killed by the mafia last night. @MMFLEX was hung the night before and was indeed arsonist. confrats to mafia on the win the game is over. Thanks everyone for playing mafia had the numbers so even tho game technically not over yet it essentially is
  3. Yea flex was arso im taking a look at night actions now
  4. @Devisewas killed by the mafia last night. He was a bodyguard. @BarzalGoat @MMFLEX @N0HBDY @Advantage @Sixersfan594 @Domino 6 players alive, 4 votes needed to hang
  5. Not enough votes night time starts now get in your actions
  6. Lots of happenings last night: @GustavMattiaswas killed by @Jerichothe jester. Jericho left the following death note: Gustav was the crusader. His last will: Gustav the CRUSADER N1: Your mom's house @jhatty8was killed by the mafia last night. He was a doctor. His last will: Hatty the Doc N1: Omg N2: Self N3: Gustav (bm'd) N4: Gustav @omgitshim, @Ptyrell, and @Berockawere ignited by the arsonist last night. OMG was witch, Ptyrell was godfather, and Berocka was vigilante @omgitshimlast will: Ptyrell and Berocka did not post last wills. @BarzalGoatsent a whisper to @omgitshim last night. Day time starts now: Players Left alive (7) - 4 votes needed to hang @BarzalGoat @MMFLEX @N0HBDY @Advantage @Devise @Sixersfan594 @Domino
  7. Jericho was hung by town: His role was Jester Night time begins now no more talking
  8. Good for you glad you got out of that! How many people call IT before trying to restart their computer?
  9. I feel you on the too much math, I had to do just some basic calculus for intermediate microeconomics and in the words of Randy Jackson... That's a no from me dawg. I am currently a financial analyst for a smallish sized insurance brokerage company. I do a little bit of everything with some basic accounting on income statements and balance sheets, overseeing our commissions process to make sure sales people get paid, training our new temp worker on some data entry, and prepare lots of excel spreadsheets and powerpoints for our boomer senior leadership team. I never would have thought my high school microsoft office class would be so helpful towards my job, but for some reason our senior leadership loves powerpoint animations so here I am as an animation painter pro lol.
  10. I have always thought you were much older than that for some reason. Didn't you join this league when you were like 12 then?
  11. If you learn / already know some basic excel skills like pivot tables and some formulas you can exagerate this job description on your resume and probably turn it into an entry level business / data analyst position, assuming that is something you would be interested in. The data entry part is by far the least exciting part, as it seems you have discovered lol. Insurance business analysts is not a bad field to get into at all
  12. @Goliathuswas killed by a member of the mafia last night. His role was investigator. He did not leave a last will. @Berockasent @GustavMattiasa whisper last night. The contents of the message shall remain private. Day 4 starts now. Members remaining (13) - 7 votes for majority GustavMattias @BarzalGoat @MMFLEX @N0HBDY @omgitshim @Advantage @jhatty8 @Ptyrell @Devise @Sixersfan594 @Berocka @Domino @Jericho
  13. GustavMattias @BarzalGoat @MMFLEX @N0HBDY @omgitshim @Advantage @Goliathus @jhatty8 @Ptyrell @Devise @Sixersfan594 @Berocka @Domino @Jericho 14 players remaining. 7 needed to vote. And sorry NSG for accidentally kicking you from the server lol
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