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  1. @GoliathusI am the other neutral spot i claimed exe
  2. Alright I'm just gonna come out and say it since the bad guys are close to getting majority.... I am executioner and OMG is my target Vote me if you wish town (if you even have the numbers) but it will be a waste
  3. I feel like this is the equivalent of pretending to be psychic when you are mafia.... I don't like it Vote OMG
  4. I think it is time for your full will my good sir
  5. i ain't even active and u be shit talking u ain't even big buhl I was big before u was born u cappin doe
  6. I also know that @omgitshim knows about the vote unvote thing from playing real town of salem and am pretty sus he isn't saying anything about it
  7. I think @Ricer13is trying to tell us he is being blackmailed? Ricer vote and then unvote me if that is the case
  8. @Ricer13i promise i am not sniper this time
  9. 1) Any team that has osens on it is a well built team 2) Gonna go with the easy pick - Beketov is #1 overall for a reason, plus he is the simmer 3) "FREEEEEEEDOM!" - Braveheart 4) Davos so I can make fun of @Ahma 5) Dutch Blitz and jackbox party pack 6) Be Osens
  10. Gustav was hung. He was the plaguebearer. @NSG88 and his fellow mafia teammates win. He already gave me who he will kill tonight and then it will just turn into a 1v1 so just ending it early. Congrats to mafia and @Jericho jester win
  11. Devise died to peatilence and advantage died to mafia. Devise was jailor advantage was doctor
  12. I had posted last nights results in discord because theead was locked