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  1. He was just using @Da Trifecta timezones, right @JardyB10?
  2. Berocka you are awesome I have no idea what you are talking about with the league being better off without you? And the racist meme I always considered to be along the same as Gustav horny police meme - just a joke. People think you are actually a racist?
  3. Once upon a time @Higgins, also known as Higglypuffs, roamed the VHL as a member of blue team who did some productive things and then got high and sang rap lyrics with Kesler and Draper. Now Higgins has not been seen for many millenium, so I messaged him on facebook to see if he would join back. Higgins actually responded which is exciting but all he said was that if he came back people would stop missing him - interesting logic. While Higgins was never quite on the GOAT level of Victor or Draper, he would be a worthy assistant to the regional manager for any blue team. I want him to come back
  4. Questions: 1) Would you ever actually visit Moscow in real life? 2) What Moscow teammate could give the best standup comedy? 3) What player or member not currently on Moscow would you want to join the team? 4) What is your favorite color scheme for uniforms / jerseys? 5) How tall do you think Spartan is? 6) Do you have a message for former GM Victor?
  5. They took away chat and it is never coming back. Name a more efficient and glorious way of communicating. I'll wait I am always too lazy to update and when I do it has to be 7 weeks worth. The updaters probably hate me more than I hate myself when I do this Threads and discussions are getting locked way too early. Thunderdome threads should never be locked, and if someone so much as blinks at Fresco the wrong way the thread gets locked Gustav has a life and isn't running town of salem 24/7 Higgins is gone and I miss him The blue team is stealing our money for thei
  6. 1) About the same, he is playing like the average goalie I expected 2) Our 1st round draft pick 3) GrittyisQueen 4) Philadelphia because that is my home city. Or if there are any GMs I have a good connection with 5) I would be happy if Malone earns 2 points off of 2 assists. I wonder what the goalie record for assists is. 6) Obamacare
  7. hi

    1. JardyB10
    2. Doomsday
    3. JardyB10


      Hello Doomy! Next time you talk to Eagles tell him I actually think he’s a piece of shit.

  8. You actually had me for a minute well done
  9. and you join on opening day interesting
  10. seems like a lot of effort when your current setup is already good
  11. I just want to say that I love osens
  12. Anyone else remember when the word filter was changed so when you typed SHL anal came out instead? Fun times