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  1. I dislike trivia question 4 Stop killing me everyone
  2. 1) I have no idea how you are so I can't say I have any strong opinion on you. Hopefully we can get to know each other while winning a cup soon enough! 2) Defense looks good and goalie should improve - looks like forward core may need some work though, as far as supplementing in some older guys into the new guys get up to speed 3) Prospect depth and salary cap room means we aren't trying to compete this year. We gave up a bunch of draft picks last year to get some players, so what are we doing? When you play the game of thrones you win or you die 4) Condoms, hot sauce, and a "vi
  3. Time for a quick backstory - many years ago when I was actually a responsible VHLer who helped the league I was the VHLM commish, and made my own VHLM GM firing myself when I fired Da Trifecta. The reason for this was he was playing an inactive player over an active one, and I messaged him asking what was up and asked him to play the active player over him. He pretty much told me you can't make me and to go away, so I fired his ass. I was pretty heated at the time and fired him with approval from my co VHLM GM who I think was smarch and the VHL commishes. My thought was not being mad that he t
  4. Ever been curious to learn about the life of ahma? Listen towards the back end of the podcast and hear some interesting facts about him
  5. thanks for hosting gustav and blazz
  6. STZ paid good money for this privilege, so I will try and put his money to good use and talk up the cause he chose, which is being a fan of Carson Went'z knee. There is a potential loophole in this arrangement though, as he never clarified which knee he wanted me to be a fan of. What if I choose to be a fan of his healthy knee that he did not tear his ACL on? Anyways, I think our next expansion team should be named the Philadelphia Wentzknees, in honor of yours truly. I could become the GM of this team with STZ as my AGM, and after leading us to a great regular season tear my ACL before the pl
  7. New Press Conference Questions: 1) Are you happy, sad, or indifferent about Malmo winning the cup? 2) Does anyone in real life like family or friends know that you go on VHL? 3) Would you ever consider meeting someone on VHL in real life if you happened to be in the same area? 4) If the city of London was suddenly banned from the VHL because Victor became a tyrant, what city would you move the United to? 5) Does your player have any new or special offseason plans? 6) If you have someone over your house for burgers and other barbecue items, would you want th