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S80 Team Canada Roster Announcement


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🇨🇦 T E A M   C A N A D A   R O S T E R   A N N O U N C E M E N T 🇨🇦






Once again I find myself in the shoes of an international general manager. I can no longer put to number how many times I have taken part in this or the World Junior tournaments but every single time it's a special privilege for me. I've been GMing in this league for something like 36 or 37 seasons consecutively now if you include my VHLM run and to think this could be my finale for international managing, we will see. We have an amazing group of players/members for Team Canada this season and I'm extremely excited to spend the coming week or so with them in hopes to chase the GOLD FEVER!  EVERYONE who wishes, please join the discord to hop in on the fun:  https://discord.gg/j36DzsMa


Without any further delay, let's congratulate those who made the roster..



🇨🇦 T E A M   C A N A D A 🇨🇦

F O R W A R D 

🇨🇦 Dakota Lamb - C -  @dlamb

🇨🇦 Robert Bouchard - C - @Gaikoku-hito

🇨🇦 Groovy Dude  - W - @bigAL

🇨🇦 Brendan Telker  - W - @Telkster

🇨🇦 Nathan Perry - W - @tinafrombobsburgers

🇨🇦 Dominic Gobeil - W - @Domg5


D E F E N S E 

🇨🇦 Jeffrey Pines - D - @rory

🇨🇦 Scotty Kabrele - D - @fromtheinside

🇨🇦 Aurelien Moreau - D - @Frank

🇨🇦 Matty Socks - D - @fishy



🇨🇦 Jean Pierre Camus - G - @solas

🇨🇦 Tater Tot - G - @Trunkxolotl


Move To Canada GIF










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8 hours ago, solas said:

I think this is the first time JPC has actually been named to a Team Canada team of any kind. Let's go! 🇨🇦

And we are more then excited to see what he can do for our team.

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