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Season 41 Entry Draft Rankings: First Mock Draft


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Here we have the first mock draft complete with team projections. Some of these teams are subject to change as we move forward, but not by too much. As I discussed last week, this draft class is pretty solid, but by no means as stacked as last year's. No player has crossed the 300 TPE threshold yet, though Mikaelson is on pace to do so by draft day. There has been a lot of movement around the later 1st and early 2nd rounds. 


While much of the draft rankings are predicated on TPE, I have made some projections based on team needs and who might be available on the board. The first round now has two goalies which will shake up the order. Mikaelson is the best available and will undoubtedly go first overall to Seattle who desperately needs a keeper. However this mock draft is now projecting Fedir Okranitz to be a first rounder and may actually go early at 7th to the Toronto Legion who are also in need of a goaltender. If they don't take him at 7th, they will go another season without a good goalie prospect. The other change ups appear to be Davos opting to take Mario De Rossi at 8th instead of the another skilled defenseman prospect. Davos has three picks in the first round and I don't think they'll choose three defensemen with those picks. Davos actually has many picks this year and any of these players have a 1 in 6 chance of becoming a Dynamo. Similarly, 1 in 5 of this year's stable will become Seattle Bear.


I understand these can still change after the draft lottery and final standings, but nonetheless, having two goalies in the first round in a league that is short of good goaltender prospects can make the second half of the first round unpredictable. Next week I hope to have an interview with the top 3 prospects.



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