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Claimed:KnightTime #45 - Klose [Final 6/6]


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Episode #45




Run Time: 51 minutes


Player Profile: Christoph Klose


Notes: Celebrating Father's Day in style. Took a call-in and had a guest speaker. Thank you DT for your time and effort. Please don't forget to ask questions and this was my final podcast with Phil Villeneuve. Hang your skates up in peace, brother.  


Facebook Page: KnightTime Podcast


Previous Episodes:


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Context: 3/3


Congrats to the both of you on winning the cup.


Waldron was great for a long time. Definitely on the downhill fall now. Mikaelson is easily better I think.




I've wondered how much Leadership really does.


Mikaelson has definitely been phenomenal. I was actually thinking of recreating as a goalie myself, but edged towards LW. There's not enough quality LW's in the league.


Depreciation is always a bummer. I'm going into my final season so it'll probably hurt a bit, but I do have almost 80 banked.


I'm supposed to have hated the Bears for a long time, but I couldn't care less actually. I would play for them if I had to. I doubt it will happen though, as the Meute are gearing for another run next season. Maybe my next guy will be a Bear. I also don't take any offense to anyone not wanting to play for Quebec City.


Great profile once again. Klose's always been a great player.

Professionalism: 2/2



Editing: 1/1


Wow, fantastic first song.


DT sounds much quieter than you, Phil. I just turned it up a bit though.


Overall: 6/6

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