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VHL Comparison Spam Thread


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Name of the game is you compare a VHL player to an NHL Player. Rule is you can't put your own player, and you can't simply put that members favourite NHL player as the comparison. Make it realistic and give a brief explanation of how you came up with it. I will start:



( D)Greg Glass :sea:  - (D) Mike Weaver (Florida Panthers)


Both have been in the league for awhile but no one pays too much attention to them. However, they are dependant and solidify their own end better on the ice than their teammates. Not a huge offensive boost but provide a strong physical presence despite not being the biggest defenseman.

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Kameron Taylor - John Tavares


Like Tavares like Taylor is an exceptionally gifted and talented player who is in a class of his own in the league. However Tavares also has always had the pleasure of being on a struggling team that is in and out of the playoff picture and can never quite keep it together. 

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Reggie Dunlop - Matt Moulson


Going with the Taylor - Tavares analogy Dunlop was kind of the Moulson to Taylors Tavares. A decent player putting up great stats feeding off a Superstar - who then gets traded but still keeps producing on his new team, where he doesn't have a teammate of Taylors caliber anymore.

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A couple goalies.


Remy LeBeau - Henrik Lundqvist


Like "The King" Remy is heralded as the best goalie around, despite never winning a championship. Plays on a team that makes the playoffs but has yet to go the distance, and is always the stand out MVP of his club.


Tuomas Tukio - Corey Crawford


Crawford has never been the best goalie in the league and hasn't won any real individual awards. Yet he still helped lead his team to a Cup and still remains a consistent solid starter for the Blackhawks. That defines Tukio in every way. Sometimes struggles, sometimes excels, can win the playoffs and in the regular season but is never the stand out performer. 


Skylar Rift - Tim Thomas


Thomas may have come back to the league, but Rift is Thomas leading up to him taking a leave of absence. Won a Playoff MVP and top goalie award and is highly regarded as one of the biggest dicks going. Like Rift Thomas has put his opinions and himself above the team like when he didn't go to the White House for his own reasons. Like Rift Thomas also took a leave of absence and said fuck to you to the league. 

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Actually Devise22 did it right if he was going to do his own player. I put that there because I have a feeling people would come in and compare their player to someone they like instead of someone that makes sense. (Aka Brovalenko saying Kovalchuk even though Brovy has done shit all in terms of leagues charts or top scoring leaders)

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Karsten Olsen - Brent Burns

Willem Janssen - Shane Doan/Gabriel Landeskog

Brennan McQueen - Cal Clutterbuck

Anatoli Zhumbayev - Ilya Kovalchuk

Noah Lefevre - Marc-Edouard Vlasic

Leon Leitner - Marcel Goc

Malcom Spud - Ed Jovanovski

Matt Bentley - Travis Hamonic/Ryan McDonaugh

HEL G - Cory Schneider/Jonathan Bernier

Niklas Lindberg - Niklas Bäckstrom

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{C}Davey Jones  :dav: - Sean Avery (Does He Still Play?)


Why is Jones like Avery? well be it the media, team mates, friends or just playing on the ice Davey along with Sean both think they are all stars and can get away with anything. so many NHL rules have been made because of Avery and im sure a few VHL rules have been made because of Jones. Both are trolls and are good at getting under peoples skin. Regardless they they get the job done.

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Ethan Osborne - Steven Stamkos

Anatoli Zhumbayev - Eric Lindros

Kameron Taylor - Dale Hawerchuk

Odin Tordahl - Milan Hejduk 

Yuri Grigorenko - Ilya Kovalchuk 

Davey Jones - Vincent Damphousse 

Brennan McQueen - David Backes

Malcolm Spud - Sergei Zubov

Willie Weber - Shea Weber

Matt Bentley - Drew Doughty

Jack Sound - Brent Seabrook

Alexander Valiq - Duncan Keith

Zack Sound - Corey Perry

Wesley Kellinger - Ryan Getzlaf 

Nicklas Valiq - Brad Park

Sergei Brovalenko - Alexander Semin

Reggie Dunlop - Dino Ciccarelli 

Remy Lebeau - Jacques Plante 

Skylar Rift - Mike Richter 

Eggly Bagelface - Mike Vernon

Lennox Moher - John Vanbiesbrouck 

Tuomas Tukio - Antti Niemi 

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Mitch Higgins - Brad Park


Park was an amazing defenseman who nonetheless was always overshadowed by someone else (in Higgins' case, Braxton)

Same could be said of Nicklas Valiq. 

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