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Team Building Exercises 5/11: Getting Wild in Minnesota

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Team Building Exercises 5/11: Getting Wild in Minnesota


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This is the fifth in a series of weekly interviews with the VHLM's GM's.


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4


For this week's interview, I went all the way over to the Great Lakes to speak with @Eudaldkp, former GM of the Minnesota Storm. Though he's recently been replaced by @Rayzor_7, Eudaldkp was kind enough to meet with me to discuss the newly relocated Storm, his rivalry with a certain maiden, and trying to recapture the fire in a bottle following the team's move from Oslo.


As a reminder to those new to this series, these interviews were conducted prior to the S66 season, and as a result some of the information may seem a little outdated. There have been several staffing changes throughout the VHLM's GM's during this time, so if I've missed you please don't hesitate to let me know.


For those of us new to the league, could you give us a little history of the team? Is it an expansion team or was it one of the originals?


It was founded not too long ago, and it came first as the Oslo Storm. Last year the team was relocated, because they wanted more American teams in the M so it got moved to Minnesota. In our first season in Minnesota we won the cup! This season we will be trying to defend it but it will be hard, the top teams are super stacked and the free agent competition is thru the roof


Have you been the GM since the start, or did you take over from someone?


Trifecta was the GM before me, cool dude who didn't hesitate to give me the reins and teach me how to GM. Before he left, he made some great trades which definetely helped us in that S65 run. I took over the team halfway thru S64.


So you're pretty well versed in maintaining the team after a couple of seasons, what do you look for when recruiting new players?


I mainly look for anyone that has a pulse and will stay active lmao. But on a more serious note, the ideal player is the one that comes in, asks questions, is very active, checks the result, talks in the Discord, etc. That's the dream for a GM. Of course I also appreciate people who hang around and aren't as active, after all this is just a game and everyone plays it how he wants.


I feel you, I've got a bit of an inner-team rivalry with another guy on the Kings since we're both trying to impress our GM so much.

Any favorite rookies in the upcoming season, both on the Storm and on other teams?


For the Storm I have high hopes for Flash Lightning @harvey, cool kid who might lit it up late into the season. As for the VHLM in general, I think Dan Gles @No_Dangles is gonna be a beast. A shame we couldn't draft him, he was on our list :(


Safe to say that Gles would be the one player from another team that  you'd want on the Storm? Any other standouts?


Hahaha actually we had a draft where the player we wanted kept getting snatched right before us or some spots before us. Nygren @Advantage was our #1, and Low @Smarch our #2. Some other notables that we wanted and couldn't pick were Guillaume @okocha5 and Phil :( In the end we didn't pick anyone who we didn't want tho, and we talked with every player we picked before doing so. Our hopes are high:)


Do you consider your natural rival to be one of those teams that snatched some of your wanted players at the draft? I know from asking around that the Reapers have a target on their back this season.


The Reapers must have a lot of targets with how many picks they had, hard not to snatch someone that someone else wants lol I don't have any resentment against other teams for picking players that I wanted, in the end all GMs know each other and we're cool. Fuck blade tho, be sure to tag her when you post this @BladeMaiden



Haha, I promise I will. She's been a pretty good sport about things but is definitely feeling the swell.

 So what's next for the Minnesota Storm?


An interesting season to say the least. We have definetely started off with the right foot with 3 wins and only 1 loss but I think things will get tough. As I mentioned, free agency competition is high. We don't have the best roster on paper, nor are an exciting expansion team. Recruiting is hard. Plus, I'm usually sleeping when most of the people join.

However, I think we will have a surprinsingly good season, maybe sneak into the playoffs if we can and hopefully retain some good players for another run in S67.


Do you have any advice for other aspiring GM's?


Patience and friends. That is everything if you want to be a GM. There will be many opportunities, such as the WC or the Brand Tournaments, but getting a GM role can be tough. Start off as an AGM and apply to every GM position that opens. With how many new people have joined, competition for a GM role is also high haha


That should do it, anything else you'd like to add for the article?


Yes, just add "fuck Brick Wahl for betraying Carles" in the end, thank you!

jk obv with all the Blade stuff lmao

But do add it please


Next week I'll be interviewing @InstantRockstar of the San Diego Marlins. Thanks to all of our regular readers, and best of luck in the upcoming VHL draft!

As always, Zoiderberg strives to provide the highest quality interview experience. If you have any suggestions for an interview or series you'd like to see, please reach out to me via private message. Thanks again for reading, and I'll see you on the ice.


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TPE for weeks ending July 7, July 14

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