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Part Timers with Major Roles


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Everyone always talks about the big name players and stars on each team, but few people take the time to appreciate the role players. They aren't the ones that make the fans go wild nor the ones that will be making regular all star appearances, but each one of them are essential to their team's success. Today we will be analyzing one such player on each team this season. The criteria for this spot is averaging under 20 minutes per game as a skater or a goalie that has made less than 1/3 of their team's starts, and we should see a good mix of seasoned vets making useful contributions and young players beginning their blossoming. Let's get started!




:cal:Calgary Wranglers: Oleksiy Revchenko @AndrewWarren13

The Wranglers have a lot of young players in developing roles (Tyler Barabash Jr., Cody Smith, John Frostbeard), but it's the veteran Revchenko who has been a key player in Calgary's game plan. He is second on the team in points per 20 minutes, and one of just two players shooting over 10% on the season. He also has held his own in faceoffs, winning more than he loses. Many tout him as the team's best passer, and he has done nothing to disprove that. Centers like Revchenko who can hold the middle on your 2nd line are the kind of guys who can turn a playoff contender into a championship contender.


:nya:New York Americans: ACL TEAR @Quik

The Americans are sitting at the bottom of the standings, but their young core gives them a future to look forward to. The shine of the group has been their resident bruiser ACL TEAR. TEAR is the only player in the league to record over 100 hits while playing less than 20 minutes a game. He's gotten into 3 fights this season, winning 2 of them and tying the other. He hasn't quite figured out the whole "offense" thing yet, but if you need someone to knock the opponent on their ass, he's your man.


:sea:Seattle Bears: Thomas Kennedy @Walter Fizz

The Bears are another team that's in rebuild mode, but they have some promising young talent as well. One of the most interesting pieces is Thomas Kennedy. He was the 78th overall pick in the S66 draft, but he has been steadily working hard in practice every week, and the results are starting to show on the ice. Despite playing just under 12 minutes a game, he is 2nd on Seattle in points per 20 minutes, and is one of just 3 regulars on the team that does not have a negative plus/minus. Kennedy is proof that late round draft picks can pay off, and it will be exciting to see when Seattle let's him loose full time.


:tor:Toronto Legion: Gucci Garrop @JG10

The Legion are one of the oldest teams in the league, and they keep a tighter group of core players than many other teams are nowadays. Still, they have managed to get some solid contributions from journeyman veteran Gucci Garrop. Despite playing less than 15 minutes a game, he has already accumulated 11 power play points on the season. He brings a good mix of offense and physical presence while on the ice, and his contributions have helped keep Toronto in games whenever their core players need a break.


:que:Vancouver Wolves: Greg Eagles @Greg_Di

The Wolves made an off-season trade to bring in Ismond Kingfisher to man the goal this season, but it's the youngster Greg Eagles who has arguably been more impressive overall. While the team is only 1-2 in his 3 starts, Eagles has a 2.78 goals allowed against compared to Kingfisher's 2.85, and he has a save percentage of 0.924 against Kingfisher's 0.904. Granted, small sample sizes mean this level of production probably wouldn't last over a full season, but these few glimpses show that Vancouver will have a talented player manning the pipes in their future.


:dav:HC Davos Dynamo: Konstantin Mulligan @Pandar

The Dynamo are in competition for a playoff spot in the European Conference, and they have gotten strong minutes from the versatile Konstantin Mulligan across their defense. Mulligan has provided a solid source of both hits and shots blocked while on the ice, and he actually leads the whole team with a +9. He played a vital role in Vancouver's playoff run last season, and he'll be looking to lead the Dynamo to playoff competition this season as well.


:hel:Helsinki Titans: Jordan Tonn @MexicanCow123

The reigning VHL Champions are atop the European Conference once again, with 11 players all averaging over 20 minutes a game. Technically, Jordan Tonn doesn't fit my criteria here since he's just over 20 minutes a game, but all the other options are either bots, retiring, or the backup goalie who is still developing. The rookie has had a bit of a rough go this season all things considered, but he has flashed some high level talent on his passes, and he is holding his own on faceoffs as well. He's a work in progress, but look for his role to expand in the next couple of seasons.


:mal:Malmo Nighthawks: Blake Gaudette @Gaudette

The most recent expansion team, the Nighthawks have a lot of young talent getting a lot of playing time. One of the more impressive of their youngsters this season has been Blake Gaudette. Gaudette leads the team with a very impressive 0.92 points per 20 minutes, thanks in part to a team leading 18 assists. He is also 2nd on the team with 10 goals, and is one of the few players with a positive plus/minus, leading the team with a +3. Wins have been tough to come by for Malmo, but their win chances have been maximized while Gaudette is on the ice.


:mos:Moscow Menace: Jorgon Weyed @Joubo

The other expansion team, the Menace are actually just one point behind Helsinki in the standings. Much of their success has come from a league leading 117 goals scored. Moscow has one of the deepest rotations in the league, and both Jorgon Weyed and Mark Gebauer have played a big part by each contributing over 20 points on the season despite playing less than 20 minutes a game. Weyed gets the edge here thanks to his all around game. His veteran presence and leadership has been a huge boon for the young players on the team.


:rig:Riga Reign: Mikko Aaltonen @GRZ

The Reign are in the heat of the playoff hunt this season, and they have gotten solid contributions from their young players. Mikko Aaltonen has been quite impressive, leading the team in points per 20 minutes. He's gotten 20 points on the season, mostly due to power plays where he leads the team with an impressive 14 power play points. Aaltonen currently resides on Riga's third line, but if he keeps up this level of production, expect him to crack into the second line in the near future.

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