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ECN's "VHL Now!" 6th Edition "Malmo, Louth and the Clutch?"

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ECN's "VHL Now!" 6th Edition

"Malmo, Louth and the Clutch?"


We hope you are ready for another ECN’s “VHL Now!” as we are here again to bring you interesting facts about VHL this season, it’s player achievements and what makes certain teams interesting.


Let’s firstly look at one of the worst teams in VHL this season, our last expansion team – Malmo Nighthawks. Nighthawks have been struggling offensively even though their roster is filled with amazing young and upcoming talent that might need a season or two to mature into a ready playoff squad. There is one thing though, that they don’t require – more physicality. Interesting to see, but 1st and 2nd place holders in most hits this season both play for Malmo. Both Phil Marleau and Mikka Pajari have been truly outstanding and have shown their physical strength every game. P.Marleau has been hitting hard with almost 5 hits per game and M.Pajari has had around 4 per game. You might think that both of them should carry their team in the physical game easily, but that is not even nearly true. Looking deeper in statistical spreadsheets you will find that there are 2 players that have won 3 fights this season – one is Seattle Bears player Valeri Morozov, while other being a truly dreaded Malmo Nighthawks defenceman Morpheus Destructious. Interesting that Malmo’s beast is not only one of the best fighters in league with 75% of his fights being wins, but he is also the leading Penalty taker in the league with 126 PIM this season. With that it is clear that he will take a penalty every game you let him play. Even in a category like Shots Blocked you can clearly see Nighthawks players ability to take a beating – both Rusty Shackleford and Jerry Garcia are in Top 5 in that category, quite ahead of players that are known for their defensive ability. It is clear for ECN that is a couple of seasons, with strong growth and increase in offensive ability, Malmo will become a true powerhouse that will dominate VHL!


Beau Louth, one of ECN’s favourite players in VHL is not only leading his team in points but is showing why he should be considered the best Centreman in VHL. His production on the offensive end is truly remarkable this season, but many times overlooked is his ability to provide puck possessions to his team. B.Louth currently sits in 1st place in VHL in Faceoff percentage and has over 2.5% lead over Podrick Cast. Added to all that, Beau Louth currently is the most effective player on the powerplay this season, so it is safe to say that Vancouver’s success has been the result of amazing quality plays of Beau Louth.


This season we are having quite a few truly clutch players that deserve the recognition – those 3 amazing players are Matt Thompson, Randoms and Oyorra Arroyo. All three of them are having 6 game-winning goals and that clearly shows you why they are mentioned here. For us, it is clearly not a surprise to see Matt Thompson on this list as he has been one of the best true goalscorers in VHL for the past few seasons. With a total of 22 goals this season, 27.2% of his goals have been game-winners, it is surely impressive, but not as impressive as our next to VHL stars. Randoms, even though a truly skilled player, is not considered by ECN a true goalscorer. He is more or less a hybrid that tends to pass the puck more. Exactly that fact makes Randoms an interesting player as with his 18 goals this season, his every 3 goals has been a game-winner, isn’t that amazing? Probably, one of the reasons why Moscow is doing so well this season. Lastly, Oyorra Arroyo, an amazing player on Toronto, a player that currently is proving to be most clutch. His effectiveness should not only be evaluated by the fact that 35% of his goals are game-winners but by the fact that out of those three players, he is the most disciplined and is fully relying on his offensive ability.


For this weeks ECN’s “VHL Now!” that will be it, we hope you learned something new about VHL and how everything is progressing this season. And with that ECN is off this week and will catch up with you next!


Brought to you by Frostbeard Entertainment


People mentioned:  @Phil, @Devise, @Abaddon, @GustavMattias @K1NG LINUS, @Beaviss, @Beketov, @hedgehog337 and @omgitshim

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