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@Sullvino Tough, heartbreaking decision to make, but we're in a win now mode and your production unfortunately wasn't cutting it. i was very willing to stick it out and have you be our 1C, but you just sadly came as the odd one out in terms of this trade. Thank you so much for the past 2 seasons! I never had a negative experience with you, i hope vancouver treats you well, and if they dont then hit me up ;)


@eaglesfan036 Welcome aboard! Decided to reunite the Gow brothers! Excited to have you aboard the wild Davos ride that never ends

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3 minutes ago, hedgehog337 said:

weird, Gritty isn't even a center. Other than that, right move by Davos, they need some offense

unless im missing something, gritty is a center

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2 minutes ago, hedgehog337 said:


with 48 FO? he has some unclaimed TPE, but who knows where he will put them

yeah, thats fair, but im not overly worried about winning faceoffs, just producing offense

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2 minutes ago, eaglesfan036 said:

@Beaviss have anything to say? 0 heads up on this trade other than the notification. 


Sad to see you go but the straining activity has been a worry so I pulled the trigger. Reuniting you with your brother I thought was the best way to re spark your interest!

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