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Nostalgia Podcast Question Request


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Hey faggots and faggotettes.


My roommates are leaving to Minot on Thursday for a weekend of shopping and fucking 701 and whatever else, and thus I'll have my house all to myself.  A full weekend of walking around dick out, watching porn on full volume, the works.  It will be glorious.


As such, I have decided to do a podcast, which will be my first PT in an embarrassingly long time.  I'll likely write down a sort of script of all my treasured memories of the VHL.  From when I began til now, and everything in between.  So yeah, it will pretty much be just me talking about me, your inaugural Member Madness Champion.  But I think it will be a fun listen, all the same, whether you're an old balls like me, or a n00b like Draper, or Samurai.  Alfie will definitely enjoy it, anyway.


Anywho, if you people would like, I could also answer questions.  Preferably about things about the past.  If you ask me something like, "Who do you think will make it to the S38 Finals?" I'll probably ignore it.  If you ask me something like, "What colour pants are you wearing?" I may or may not answer it, depending on how much I enjoy the question.


I'll likely record it Saturday afternoon.  I may or may not invite guests after the main segment, if anyone's interested.  I know Jericho is.


Anyway, have at thee! :cheers:

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Wow free publicity

guess i HAVE to listen now


EDIT: I decided i do have a question, who is your favourite n00b of them all ;)

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Worst top player off all time?


Worst member on the site currently?


Best draft class of all time?


What did you think of me before a teammate of mine? And after being one?


Plzzz plzz explain the coat rack girl on the podcast and have you talked to here since the party?


Best team you have been apart of of? 

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What do you see as the biggest move/change/implant in the history of the vhl? Excluding expansion


Expansion, where would you place the teams now if you had the option?

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Can we still stay in contact after I retire and leave?

Do you like Teddy Grahams?

How much blow could a Connor Low blow, if a Connor Low could blow, blow?

Is XXX actually Vin Diesel?

How far of you from Mike Green's hometown?

Want to go to Napa Valley?

Favorite flavour of Dentine Ice?

If you had to choose between chopping your balls off or putting your face between a Sumo wrestlers butt checks for your entire life, what would you choose?

If given two bullets in a gun in a room full of DaTrifecta, Robbie and A blend of both, who would you off?

Do you know Benoit Dusablon? If not, why?

Alex Kachur is talking to me in chat right now, should I send him a dick pic?

If Jamie, Meg and Janelle Henley were in the same room, who would win in a mud wrestling competition?

Christopher Millers weight was attacked this week in a thread, what is your favourite brand of motorhome?

If life gave you lemons, would you ask who the fuck Life is exactly, or would you make a vodka lemonade?

If you have no Andrew Luck and have to turn a new Ryan Leaf, will you be blown away in the Drew Brees?

If I gave you a quarter every time you masturbated, could we take a trip to Ibiza?

Do you know Mike Szatkowski's middle name? If not, would you like too?

What's your favourite moment of the 1976 NHL playoffs?

Is Smarch full of Starch or do you think he a fruit?

If I arrested you, would you pop a stiffy?

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Have you yet heard a voice better than mine?


Do you think Flutegirl ever found that special someone?


Is Viet Trieu still out there, fighting zombies in the old Calgary locker room?

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If you could go clubbing with ANY 7 members of the VHL in vegas who would they be and what type of drunk are they?

Easy answer: Anderson, Robbie, Meg, Viet, Fresco, Julien and Baretta.

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Favorite topping on pizza?

What does Jardy mean?

How many venereal diseases does Naomi Young have?

Am I your favorite noob?

Any pets?

If your Uncle Jack helped you off an elephant, would you help your Uncle Jack off an elephant? 

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Am I still your favorite?

Who was the best draft pick to go after a Pass?

Does Marcellin ever get into the HOF?

If not, do I ever create a HOF-worthy player, or am I stuck pushing for Builder?

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