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Mississauga on Track for Historic Season [2/2]


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     Sauga has has an impressive season thus far, coming into the league looking like the underdogs and now harboring one of the best rosters in the league on paper. However the team (and its individual players) are seeking to shatter franchise records, and shatter may well be an understatement. Here's a look at how the S68 Mississauga Hounds stack up against their previous franchise records.






1. Callum MacElroy (53)--S66

2. Cody Smith (45)--S66

3. Dan Gles (34)--S66


1. Jerry Wang (~75) -S68

2. Balentine Kidd (~60)-S68

3.Callum MacElroy (53)-S66*


     The team-dubbed Kidd's Wang line has been explosive for the Hounds thus far this season. At the 47 game mark they have a combined 162 points, and 75 goals. There is however a caveat to this projection, and that caveat is the best defenseman in the league, Brock Louth. Louth has 28 goals and 70 points thus far, making him a highly possible candidate for number 3 on the Hounds single season goals leaders.





1. Hulk Hogan (77)--S66

2. Dan Gles (62)--S66

3. Callum MacElroy (54)--S66


1. Balentine Kidd (~90)-S68

2. Finnegan MacBurn (~80)-S68

3. Brock Louth (~80)-S68


     An absurdly high amount of Hounds players are on pace for well over 100 points, and it shows in the assists category, where Kidd, MacBurn, and Louth have all already passed the 40 assist mark. 2 of the 3 are in the top 10 league-wide while Louth is 1 assist out of the running at the moment. At this pace the single season assists records will be completely wiped with members of the S68 squad.





1. Callum MacElroy (107)--S66

2. Dan Gles (96)--S66

3. Hulk Hogan (94)--S66


1. Balentine Kidd (~150)-S68

2. Jerry Wang (~150)-S68

3. Brock Louth (~130)-S68


     So remember when we were talking about how many players were on pace to surpass 100 points? They pass that mark and then blow it out of the water. MacElroy could slide all the way down to 6 all-time. He'll likely only fall to 5th but it's absurd nonetheless that in one season 4 players could surpass an all-time record, regardless of how young the Hounds are in the league.


Plus/Minus (+/-)



1. Callum MacElroy (+40)--S66

2. Berocka Sundqvist (+34)--S66

3. Dan Gles (+32)--S66


     Okay projecting +/- is too much work for me to want to do right now, but actively Balentine Kidd would take that 1st spot without playing another game, and odds are that number will climb. Wang has already surpassed Berocka Sundqvist, although as an offensively minded player his +/- could fluctuate wildly. 3rd on the active roster is Guy Saskamoose, who very well could push his way onto the list as a true rookie.


Penalty Minutes



1. Jacob Perry (122)--S67

2. Hulk Hogan (118)--S66

3. Danny DeYeeto (97)--S66


1. Jacob Perry (122)-S67

2. Hulk Hogan (118)-S66

3. Brock Louth (~95*)-S68


     Louth is the only active Hound with a shot at breaching the PIMs single season record list. He sits at 52 PIMs after 49 games played. It is unlikely that he pushes Danny DeYeeto off the board here, but if anyone from S68 is going to make a dent on this record, it will be him.





1. Jacob Perry (186)--S67

2. Hulk Hogan (181)--S66

3. Cody Smith (172)--S66


1. Brock Louth (~190)-S68

2. Jacob Perry (186)--S67

3. Hulk Hogan (181)--S66


     This list is much more feasible for Louth to break into. Louth actively sits at 113 hits through this season, and that number will only continue to climb. He may not make number 1, but I can confidently say Brock Louth will find his was into the top 3 of all-time.


Shots? (Gustav why do you have shot records.)



1. Callum MacElroy (486)--S66

2. Cody Smith (356)--S66

3. Dan Gles (292)--S66


1. Callum MacElroy (486)-S66

2. Jerry Wang (~480)-S68

3. Balentine Kidd (~475)-S68


     They shoot a lot, nice. This is a stupid record.


Shots Blocked



1. Hulk Hogan (128)--S66

2. Jacob Perry (106)--S67

3. Vuuna Haaka (80)--S67


1. Brock Louth (~155)-S68

2. Hulk Hogan (128)-S66

3. Finnegan MacBurn (~120)-S68


     Louth was expected to be a dangerous force when he entered the league, and has shown his mettle across the board, whether it be with offensive production or defensive prowess. He establishes himself again in the shot blocking category, blowing Hogan's previous record of 128 out of the water and setting a new bar for future Hounds. MacBurn comes close to upsetting the reigning champ as well, but falls just short. His numbers are nothing to shake a finger at however, with 120 blocked shots still being a very impressive mark to hit.


Game Winning Goals



1. Callum MacElroy (11)--S66

T2. Cody Smith (6)--S66

T2. Scott Greene (6)--S66


1. Jerry Wang (~20)-S68

2. Callum MacElroy (11)-S66

3. Brock Louth (~8)-S68


     MacElroy's 11 GWG's from S66 was an impressive bar to set, and Wang's absurd season sets to destroy that mark. With 10 game winners so far, Jerry Wang has been able to bury the puck when it mattered all season long, securing 1/3 of the Hound's wins this season. Louth is actively tied with left winger Patrik Tallinder for GWGs, but Louth's substantially higher production pushes him into the more likely candidate.


     I would go into goalie stats but the Hounds have had a goalie carousel this season, with Lukas Schweitzer, Nicolas Fomba, and Aleksandr Aleksandrov all stepping up to the plate at various points throughout the season. This makes it seem unlikely that any of them would take a record from one of the previous holders. If I'm mistaken someone feel free to correct me and I'll have .com content.


951 words


EDIT: I made this article based on an 82 game season because I'm big stupid

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4 minutes ago, ColeMrtz said:


1. Brock Louth (~155)-S68

2. Hulk Hogan (128)-S66

3. Finnegan MacBurn (~120)-S68

MacBurn has played most of his games with Ottawa, so he won't end up breaking any Hounds records this season unfortunately.



5 minutes ago, ColeMrtz said:



Nice article. This team is easily the best as a whole out of the three that I've been able to manage so far.

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Review: Really like the analysis here. The content of the records and the projected stats are really cool to look at (even if they might be off a little). Your comments on all of the stats are really fun to read. I don't think there's any real faults I can find here. Nice job!

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Review: Even though I am somewhat new and this is my first ever review. This seems unique and I don't see those kinds of records posted up everyday. And the fact that you kept track of there stats is impressive even though we all have the ressource to found them. I really like that you give comments on each stats and that makes it interesting to read. You have done a really good job my friend and keep up the good work.

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