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The Lamb Juice Podcast - Episode 1


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Welp, Dlamb and Myself finally done did a Podcast! Thank you in advance for your listen and please let us know your thoughts on our Mock Draft and overall thoughts on our first shot at the Lamb Juice Podcast!

Topic Timestamps:
0:00 - 13:24

Introductions, Podcast Breakdown, and Talking Upcoming VHL Draft

13:25 - 1:17:14

Mock Draft and Draft Talk

1:17:15 - 1:24:55

January 11th Trades Discussion

1:24:56 - 1:29:18

Juice's Thoughts on Where He'll Go In The Draft

1:29:19 - 1:32:05

Juice's Goal For His Player

1:32:06 - 1:35:09

Closing Talks

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Big thanks again to @dlamb for cutting and editing the podcast as well as adding a sick intro and outro music!

Both Dlamb and I will be claiming the podcast for the next 3 weeks, ending in: 1/17 | 1/24 | 1/31

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Yay!!! Disclaimer, this is literally the first time Juice and I have had a real conversation over voice chat. Chemistry and comfort will come with time:)


Edit: Also, sorry about any mispronounced names. Please feel free to correct us.

Edited by dlamb
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