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Who Am I and Why Should You Care?


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Who Am I and Why Should You Care?

An Op-Ed to Myself and My VHL Portfolio


As the years have gone on the member base of the VHL has shifted so drastically that a significant portion of you would never have seen me active with a player, and never more than someone who occasionally lurked around the board. I joined the VHL around the Season 22 trade deadline in 2010. I was an edgy 19 year old who substituted toxic masculinity for a personality because of real world insecurities. I was also fiercely competitive, and I put a lot of heart and soul into this league during my time here. My first player was Daniel Braxton, who I have recently learned is number 14 on the VHL 75 Greatest Players of All Time, as well as being the 4th highest rated defenseman and the highest ranked player to never win a cup. I also had the highest TPE earned for any player at the time of Braxton's retirement. During his career I spent a significant amount of time as a Media Spot Grader and did a number of articles on the VHL Mag. I would also spend time as a VHLM GM and have had a tour on the Board of Governors. When Braxton retired I would create Wesley Kellinger, who went on to win two Continental Cups and earn a trophy case which kept him on the ballot for the Hall of Fame for a number of years, just falling short of entering its halls.


After Kellinger retired I found myself entering a stage of burnout. The angsty 19 year old had become a confused 24 year old who was trying to figure out who he was and who he wanted to be. I met the woman I would eventually marry and put a significant amount of time into nurturing that relationship and on rejecting the aspects of myself that needed to go: the toxicity and insecurity. This took a significant amount of my time, and I quietly left the league behind. I was still aware of it from afar, as I maintained the friendships I had made with @Advantage and @Devise during my years I lurked.



Devise (Left) and Advantage (Right)



The time seemed right to return, as I near my 30th birthday and my life seems to have gotten itself to a place I can call successful. Things are going well with my wife, I have been very lucky on the job front despite Covid and I've gained enough self-awareness that I am able to be a positive force in my relationships, both personal and professional. A lot of that came from the friendships I've made while I was here, so it is in no small part due to the VHL that I developed into the man I am today. I hope I can help the younger faces here the way that I was helped during my youth. My first piece of advice is free: Do not, under any circumstances, engage in a 43 page thread with @Kesler over who's player is the Defenseman of the Year. Even if you win, you lose.


505 words. Claim for the week of Feb 15-Feb 21

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