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Looking Back On My First Career

Patrik Tallinder

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I first logged into this website with absolutely no idea where to start. As I’m sure many of you can relate to, the sheer amount of buttons on the homepage of the forum was a bit overwhelming. When I created my player it was the offseason, and that meant I was just waiting to be drafted right away to a VHLM team. I received some messages on my player creation thread where I was offered advice on where to begin. Part of me felt like this was all just a bit too complicated, yet I reached out to two of those people to see if I could get a grasp on how I could improve my player. @DizzyWithLogic and @Jubo07 helped me get on my feet, and I started to earn some TPE.


Only one VHLM team showed any interest in me prior to the draft, and it was the Mississauga Hounds. Because of this, I was really hoping that I would end up there. The draft came around, and I saw my name appear on the draft board at pick 31, next to none other than the Hounds logo. I played two amazing seasons in Mississauga that I still look back on so fondly after an entire VHL career in the books. The still-intact duo of @GustavMattias and @Berocka helped me out with my build and TPE earning, and that helped me a lot early on. Along with them were my teammates, which included names like @DarkSpyro, @Ricer13, and of course @Cxsquared. This would not be the last I saw of cxsquared, as we would both be drafted in the first round by the Riga Reign in the S69 Draft.


In my second season with the Hounds, I was trying to find a way to keep active, so I tried something new. I had interest in scouting, because at the time, the only scouting articles that came out with any regularity were the VSN mock drafts. I wrote my first “S70 Draft Profiles” article, and never looked back. I would continue this series until the S72 Draft, and even make a couple draft hype videos that were well received by the community.




My draft content landed me a spot with VSN, where I covered the Award Tracker and my new series, Future Watch. Huge thank you to @FrostBeard for hiring me, and to all the others for welcoming me so warmly. At the end of my first season with them, I transitioned into my new role as head of the new VSN Scouting department, where I would work alongside the dedicated and enthusiastic @Spence King. I am now in university so I do not have as much time for writing anymore, but I still try to contribute occasionally to VSN.


In the meantime, I was now playing in Riga. It took me some time to get acclimated to the VHL, but I was seeing steady improvement from season to season and that’s all that mattered to me. In S72, our team put it all together and won it all after seasons upon seasons of competing. To this day, that is the highlight of my career. In S74, I had my best offensive season by a mile. My 127 points led the league, and that is the highest single-season point total since S63. I’m really proud of my time in Riga, and I had so many amazing teammates throughout my time there. I’d like to also thank @hedgehog337 once again for being such a great GM and bringing my player a Continental Cup. There are so many people that I could shout out from my time in Riga, so I’ll just leave this here, as it really sums everything up quite well.




With that being said, my career didn’t end in Riga. After a blockbuster trade, I was sent to my new home of Calgary. I was welcomed with open arms, and the team really embraced me from day one. Fast forward to now, and I am the team’s assistant general manager. A big thank you goes to @Jubis for bringing me in, and all of my current teammates in Calgary. My time with the Wranglers has been nothing short of spectacular, and I couldn’t be more proud to end my career with this team. Let’s just hope that all of our retiring players leave on the highest of notes this season.


It feels weird to no longer be a first gen, yet it is really exciting to start fresh again. Thank you to everyone who made this such a memorable career, and watch out for Nils Tallinder in the S78 Draft!

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WOW, just WOW , 🤯 :prayer:Thank you so much @Patrik Tallinder Patty Tallinder for gracing me with the honor in being mentioned as an influential part of you Patrik Tallinder the future HOF Ballot and your career is humbling to say the least. When i first joined the VHL during my rookie* season in the VHLM no countin S70 where i only played 8 games. I was a highly touted draft pick and was climbing the draft boards astronomically by the time of the VHL draft I was a consesus 1st round pick from league wide mock drafts all had Elsby as a top 12 pick (This is prior to the VHL expansion, where there was only 12 picks a round rather than 16) and the NHL 20 video you made recounting the season and having all the retirement speaches synchronized perfectly with the animations and graphics you used and to have made it into the video in the VHL draft portion even the short 5 seconds i was on there was probably still the coolest part of my VHL experience, as a player that is . GMing is way to fun ❤️ Thanks again Patty ! and hopefullly see your brother in San Diego come S77 ;)



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