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  1. i wish i could but i busy maybe next year
  2. lol i had borwinn and kastelic on my fantasy team
  3. AJ Axelsen Forward Points 105/10 = 10.5 Assists 69/12 = 5.75 16.25+3=19.25 so +19 TPE
  4. 1. I would just ask him about the VHL 2. sadly no bcoz im already above 200 3. I'll probably just order subway, it good. 4. I would really love to reverse sweep on Philly or Ottawa, one of the big boys to show all those analytics people that we're here to stay 5. Is this even a question, obviously Halifax bcoz I know how many great players have played here in the past and I would love to the first team to lift the Founder's Cup in our short history 7. I would love to live in Malmo obviously bcoz its in my home country, I'm actually from Karlstad which is a ton smaller
  5. 1. probably acyd because he is willing to give up a lot for us and he is a strong player in the lr 2. by drinking purple gatorade 3. is my player even funny? 4. I think we can make the jump into the top 3 because our younger guys are going to keep growing 5. question 1... umm Acyd 7. I use the good one, the black one
  6. With the season a little past the halfway mark, I have decided to analyze some of the best players in the VHLM and create a first, second, and third all-star team, as well as a first, second and third rookie team. For these teams, I have made a change where one player cannot be on both the VHLM teams and the rookie teams so it gives some diversity to the players, and the rookie team must be S67 draftees and not S66 players. These VHLM rookie teams will be released next week I will be doing the goalies in a separate section later today as a article. Without further ado, let’s get right into it. VHLM first team Forwards Rocky LaGarza-Aston Martin-Blake Gaudette Rocky LaGarza has been an outstanding player all season long and he has shown us that he has a lot of sheer skill and is able to score and provide assists for his team. He has dropped to the second points in the VHLM with 29-41-70 on the season, but this does not mean he has not been there defensively, with him having 69 hits as well as 19 blocked shots. Overall, LaGarza has definitely been the best RW in the league. LaGarza has also been dominating in nearly every game he has played, with him having earned a mind boggling 7 time first star, as well as being a 2 time second star, and 3 time third star. Aston Martin has been the second best center in the league in terms of points, but he has been a solid goalscorer for his team, picking up 27 while his rival, Pascal Batz only has 12 goals. This shows that Martin has been a valuable asset, and he also has 6 game winners for Ottawa, second in the league, coming up clutch when he is needed. Aston Martin hasn’t been that present in the three stars, with him only having won 4 first stars and 3 second and third stars each. Blake Gaudette has been the superstar attraction in Halifax for most of the season, showing up everywhere for the team, now leading them and the league in points. He leads the league in goals and is fifth for points and has led the team by example so far. Blake Gaudette clearly deserves to be on this first team because he has shown us time and time again that he is an extremely valuable asset for his team. Defence Hulk Hogan-Lincoln Tate Hulk Hogan has been a force on the back end for Mississauga this year, putting up 48 assists as well as 9 goals and he has clearly been the best defender in the league. He hasn’t been asleep on the defensive end either, with him amassing a spectacular 93 hits and 76 shots blocked. He has clearly led the team throughout the season, even with star forward Cody Smith putting up 27 goals he couldn’t have done so without the big d-man. Lincoln Tate has been a pleasant surprise for the expansion team San Diego thus far in the season, with him putting up a crazy 10-43-53 in only 32 games. Tate is also quite solid in his own zone, putting up 89 hits and 37 shots blocked. Lincoln Tate has been an incredible scorer for San Diego, only having one player put up more points per game than the Canadian. VHLM second team Forwards AJ Axelsen-Pascal Batz-Kyle Sabertooth Defence Anthony Amberback-Ambrose Stark VHLM third team Forwards John Frostbeard-Dan Gles-Cody Smith Defence Guillaume Fontenette-Benson Van Roosen Please note that this is my own opinion and if you disagree feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.