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  1. 109 Malmo Nighthawks @ Vancouver Wolves 110 Toronto Legion @ Prague Phantoms 112 Helsinki Titans @ HC Davos Dynamo 113 Riga Reign @ Moscow Menace
  2. 1. I feel like the Rush did really good and should be one of the elite teams in the VHLM. A letter grade for them would be an A- 2. Probably Zyrok, seeing as he has the most TPE out of the bunch. 3. I hope that I can make the biggest impact on and off the ice for the Rush. 4. LVA because they are so top heavy. 5. Yes, they should sign any hard working free agents that they can find. 6. Watching Netflix
  3. oh wow nice 1 tpe we take those
  4. yessir time for another year
  5. 1. Going to the gym, playing with friends, training with teammates. 2. Playing video games. 3. Probably a farmer is Kazakhstan 4. Strong work ethic 5. Late probably 7ish 6. Acyd Burn
  6. Born to a poor family in the far reaches of Karagandy, Kazakhstan it was unexpected that someone like Fauske Berbatov would ever make it into the VHLM. Even so, his family dreamed of having one of their kids become famous and be a household name, so when the doctors diagnosed Fauske's elder brother with cancer, the then 5 year old Fauske knew he had to be the one. At the age of 5 he began to play hockey with the local kids, and the people of the town remarked at his skills when he took to the ice. 5 years later, Fauske's brother passed away and his father decided to send the young Fauske to Ontario to continue his hockey training there. In Ontario, people were impressed by the large but well-mannered kid's ability to play the game and he quickly started to make his name known by other teams. In his first year of playing hockey with a junior team in Ontario he led his team, which had finished last the year prior. He dominated on that team, scoring 31 goals and adding 30 assists in only 26 games. His dominance continued until he became eligible to be drafted into the CHL where he was taken as the 46th pick by the Kitchener Rangers. He was having a great first season in Kitchener, until he fell to injury 24 games into the season. Through the few games that he did play he managed to score 10 goals and add 14 assists. The next season he came back with a fire and played the full 68 games and managed 40 goals and 32 assists. He continued his development in his third season where he scored a whopping 46 goals and added 50 assists. Following this season he led the Rangers to victory in the memorial cup final where he scored a record breaking 6 goals to lead his team to a 8-0 whopping of the London Knights. He was named player of the tournament and had VHLM scouts watching him like a hawk until he fell prey to a devastating injury which saw him break both of his legs. It took him 5 months to get back to skating and within another month the Saskatoon Wild were the only team who had kept him on watch and they signed him through waivers. Even though the Wild were one of the worst teams in the VHLM he was determined to lead them back to their former glory.
  7. 1. Honestly, because you were the first team to offer me. 2. No, certainly not, because I know that we will be able to WIN 16 in a row next year. 3. I love it, it's an amazing way to get players to dig deep and find out about the VHL/VHLM 4. Halifax, I had a player there once, and I love the locker room. 5. Right now, probably no one, but I'm going for a Patty Laine type player but with defense. 6. Saskatoon, who else.
  8. Today we will be exploring a bright young Goalie in the VHL for the theme week. Raymond Bernard (@Mr_Hatter)is and has been and will be the Moscow Menace's top dog between the pipes for the next few seasons. He has shown to the VHL that he is an elite level goaltender with a bright future ahead of him in his 3 seasons in the VHL. With a career record of 83-38-13 he has been one of the more dominant goaltenders entering into the VHL. He has managed to amass 719 TPE within only 3 seasons, putting him as the 8th best Goalie in the VHL and the second best in his class. SHould he continue to develop at this pace it will be no time before he is mentioned in the same breath as some of the greatest VHLers of all time. His winrate for his First three seasons has been 62% which is quite remarkable considering other elite goaltenders win rates. Comparing him to other goalies who have been considered the best goalies in the league this is his record for his first three seasons: Raymond Bernard - 83-38-13 = 62% win rate Rayz Funk(@Rayzor_7) - 105-73-16 = 54% win rate Kallis Kriketers(@hedgehog337) - 135-38-12 = 73% win rate Finn Davison(@Poptart) - 70-72-16 = 47% win rate Greg Eagles(@Greg_Di) - 81-52-13 = 55% win rate Michael Johnson(@fonziGG) 100-73-19 = 52% win rate Brick Wahl(@BladeMaiden)78-97-13 = 42% win rate JB Rift(@Devise) 83-41-13 = 61% win rate From these 8 elite goalies Bernard boasts the second best win rate. Although there are some other factors that come into play here like team success the year prior, this still demonstrates that he is an elite goalie who is a known winner. Now we will compare the GAA, save percentage and shutouts of these goaltenders in their first three seasons. Raymond Bernard: GAA=2.68 SVP=0.907 SO=7 Rayz Funk: GAA=2.58 SVP=0.919 SO=18 Kallis Kriketers GAA=2.22 SVP=0.916 SO=28 Finn Davison GAA=2.94 SVP=0.913 SO=5 Greg Eagles GAA=2.66 SVP=0.906 SO=8 Michael Johnson GAA=2.79 SVP=913 SO=12 Brick Wahl GAA=2.69 SVP=0.919 SO=8 JB Rift GAA=2.55 SVP=0.916 SO=8 These stats may show that Raymond Bernard seems to be a middle-of-the-pack goalie but these numbers don't mean everything in this case because he still has the time and resources to grow to develop his stats to look more like an elite goaltender. We seem to keep comparing him to the best goalies, without realising he is still in his third season. He still has a lot of time to continue cementing his legacy and carving himself a statue in the VHL HOF because the Moscow team that he's on has the potential to consistently make deep playoff runs and contend for titles. When, and not if, the Menace do bring a title to Moscow he will certainly play a major role in their success. It is also not out of the question for him to be able to get so much better that he could be a goalie of the year or possibly MVP candidate. Throughout his young career so far he has shown us that he wants to win and that he will be the face of Moscow's future.