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  1. Whoa nice work on this update man. Kudos to u @McWolf Definitely keeps me more into the vhfl. Dont expect me to lead in fantasy points this year though boys.
  2. The top three most valuable Phantoms players 3 - Don Draper: @InfernalDraper had a great start to the season this year and has been quite the clutch performer in some of the team's few wins. He may have slowed down his point per game pace but he brings other elements to the ice else than offensive play. Draper has been a wrecking ball on the ice, gathering up a total of 128 hits which is good for 1st on the team and 9th league wide. What has taken Draper's game to another level this season however is his improvement in the defensive zone and his play away from the puck. Draper was a team worst -36 last season and his coach challenged him to focus on his defensive game and so far all that work seems to have paid off as Draper isn't even a minus player this year. 2 - Erik Draven: @Jbeezy76It's about time Draven decided to play strong straight out of the gate. After two consecutive slow starts, Draven had something to prove this year and is in the middle of the best start to a season of his career. Draven may not be potting in a lot of goals (9) but he's out there trying to make his teammates better around him, like a true captain. He's been the Phantoms go to set up man this season and currently leads the team in assists (24). 1 - Alex Pearson: @Jayrad28Breakout Season anyone? Pearson has always been regarded as a promising young forward but I think this is the year Pearson breaks out of his shell and shows what he truly is capable of. He currently leads the Phantoms is both goals (15) and points (31) and has been close to a point per game pace for most of the season. He also leads all Phantoms in plus/minus (6). He's been truly the heart and soul of the team and the guy already has almost 160 shots on net ( he got a total of 198 last season). Lets hope Pearson can keep up the current pace and keep being a good all around contributor on the ice.
  3. Phantoms Falling Apart The Prague Phantoms are currently on a 3 game losing streak and have gone 2-8 in their last ten games. What went wrong for this team? They were looking like a team trying to take hold of a playoff spot a few weeks ago and then suddenly everything just went off the rails. Today I'll be giving you the scoop on whats been going on with the team this year and offer up some possible solutions and other insight. After the team's first 20 games the Phantoms were feeling pretty confident and their were playing .500 hockey have won ten of their 20. They were out shooting most of their opponents however and were picking up wins against the league's top teams such as the Helsinki Titans and the Toronto Legion. The team looked hungry this season and were poised to contend for a playoff spot. They were among the league leaders in hits, shots on net, goals scored. Everything looked promising for the boys in purp. Of course nothing ever goes to plan however and the team has struggled mightily ever since, winning only 2 of last ten games. In their last 4 games alone they've been outscored by opposing teams 16-4 even though they only got out shot by 6 shots (139 vs 133). On television it's obvious that the confidence this team once shown on the ice is all but gone now and the team looks to be crumbling as they are skidding to the bottom of the standings. I think everyone knows where i'm going with this article but the one change we can see on the Phantoms roster since the first 20 games is in net. Owen May was on a tear and was having a MVP calibre season for the Phantoms as he posted a GAA of 2.68 and had a save percentage of .916, the first time ever a goalie in franchise history where a goalie has posted a save percentage above .905. Usually most teams run the hot hand and reward good play with more ice time. However after the team's 6-4 Win against the Toronto Legion the opposite happened, GM Diamond_Ace @diamond_ace announced during a press conference that the team's goaltending reigns are to be handed to rookie, Solomon Crawford with May assuming backup duties. So instead of getting the tap on the back he deserved, he got slapped in the face with a demotion. Fans are only now voicing their displeasure with that decision as Crawford has only picked up 3 wins in his 12 games played and has posted a GAA of 4.01 and a save percentage on .875. According to some insiders, May had not been attending practice for months, nor has he been going to the gym or any mandatory team meetings and the Phantoms had to sit him in order to send out a message to their young squad: If your not going to put in the effort or behave like a professional that you don't belong on the ice. Some league officials have backed up the GM's decision saying that playing a young up and comer with a impeccable work ethic over a inactive veteran is the right thing to do. They may have a point but the team is losing ever since the decision was made. The team however is preaching patience to it's fans when it comes to Crawford. "I think he's a cool kid, got his first shutout yesterday! He's gonna be a future stud in the league if he continues on with his good work ethic. He's not there yet though but I hope all our fans can have some patience with the guy. The bigger issue with the team is the amount of dumb penalties we take. We gotta be more disciplined, our penalties are costing us games" -Seabass Perrin, Phantoms Defenceman. Perrin does however bring up another good point. The team is the most penalized team in the league with 451 total minutes spent in the box and that's killer to a team especially when you combine that with the fact that the team also has the worst penalty kill in the league with a 78% success rate. The Phantoms are the only team in the league to have a penalty killing success rate of under 80% and that just might be the main flaw to this team. The team has 3 players on it's team that are on the league's list of top 10 penalty takers. Gert B Forbe @NumberJ5 is the 4th most penalized player in the league with 85PIM, Don Draper(73PIM) @Infernal and Perrin(72) are sitting at 8th and 9th respectively. We figure the coach will have a chat with all the worst offenders after they read this article. WORD COUNTER :780ish
  4. New Presser 1. The Phantoms are on a 3 game losing streak, is there a sense of frustration in your locker room right now? 2. Where do you feel we can most improve our play? 3. What are your thoughts on the new man in net, Solomon Crawford? 4. What is your go to alcoholic beverage of choice? 5. What is your typical pre-game ritual? 6. Do you still think the team can finish above .500?
  5. I'll apply. I got no gm experience else than my short tenure as toledo's gm in s9 which I dont count since it was over 10 yrs ago. I'm okay with any team really tho
  6. Helsinki Prague Moscow Vancouver
  7. The Phantoms entered the league just last season so there wasn't much expectations for the team this year. However, this year's Phantoms have stayed surprisingly competitive out there gathering wins against contending teams like the Moscow Menace, the Malmo Nighthawks, the Helsinki Titans and the Seattle Bears. I decided to do some research on the Phantoms and come up with a few factoids that I thought interesting. 1 - The only team that the Phantoms haven't managed to pick up a win against are the Calgary Wrangler and the Vancouver Wolves. The team has yet to play the D.C. Dragons. 2 - The Phantoms have hit the net a total of 797 times which is good for 2nd in the league after the Menace. 3 - The Phantoms are third in goals scored with 70 goals. 3 - The Phantoms lead the league with 295 Penalty Minutes. A third of those penalties come from 2 players, Gert B Frobe (50) and Seabass Perrin (52) 4 - The Phantoms are 2nd in the league in hits (439) after the Nighthawks. 5 - Cinnablock is currently the highest scoring rookie in the league with 14pts.