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  1. Perrin's mother speaks out after recent arrest. Today we were able to reach Seabass Perrin's mother in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We met to discuss her sons recent off ice issues. Perrin was first featured in a viral youtube video on friday night doing a kegstand in a team Canada jersey in a Toronto nightclub. The very next night he was once again caught on video doing a kegstand but this time in Montreal. The issue is that at the end of the Montreal video he was arrested after getting into a fight with fans along with @Jayrad28 Alex Pearson which then quickly got out of hand and turned into a brawl. Perrin's mother, Nancy had to receive a call from her son at 6am the next morning from the Montreal Jail in order for him to wish her a happy birthday. "I got woken up by my son early sunday morning wishing me happy birthday from the Montreal Jail. He told me that he loved me and to not worry because he had his team Canada GM @MexicanCow123 coming over to post bail for him. I mean i'm grateful he wished me a happy birthday but I never dreamed of it happening from a cell one day. I never raised my boy to be starting fights in the streets and spitting on the police. I'm embarassed and dissapointed in my son for not having his drinking under control, he's now all over social media and once that's on the internet it's on there forever there's no going back. Lets hope he can one day grow up. " We tried to reach Team Canada GM, Mexican Cow for comments but he had his phone turned off once again.
  2. NEW QUESTIONS 1) With the season basically over, do you feel like you underperformed/overperformed or just simply meet expectations this season? 2) What should the team focus on improving looking forward to next season? 3) Do you have any ideas for names for our mascot, the rhino? 4) How healthy is the team locker room right now? 5) Do you have any offseason hobbies? Ex:golf 6)How do you commute to the games, and if you drive what do you drive?
  3. Seabass Perrin's Biography Seabass Perrin is currently wrapping up his rookie season in the VHL and he's proven to be a much watch prospect as he's emerging into one of the leagues better two way defenders. Today, I'm going to be walking you through a quik biography on Perrin and talk about his upbringing and past accomplishments. I will be seperating the biography in four parts, family history, childhood years, high school years, and current life off the ice. I hope you enjoy. Family History As I mentioned previously in other articles in the past, the Perrin family has some hockey history that runs through their blood. Seabass' grandfather, Sebastien had a himself a decent hockey playing career in the early years of the VHL. Sebastien Perrin was drafted back in season 7 by the Stockholm Rams which ended up moving to become the Riga Reign shortly after he was drafted. Perrin also had played for the Calgary Wranglers and HC Davos/Avangard Havoc. The biggest moment of Sebastien's career came in game 7 of season 11's VHL finals where he was a big part in HC Davos' historic 3rd period comeback against the Riga Reign in order to win the Continental Cup. Childhood years Seabass Perrin was born on April 20th 2000 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He was more a momma's boy growing up since his father, Serge was often gone working away from home as a railroader for CN rail. His mother, a housewife by the name of Nancy was always there for him however as she is the one who first taught him how to skate, ride a bike and first enlisted the boy in hockey/skating programs and got Seabass' love for the game of hockey started. Seabass grew up with a younger brother, Yannick who had been diagnosed with severe autism since the age of 2. Seabass spent most of childhood with his younger and the two were inseperable throughout the years. "My brother was my best friend growing up, we would go play at the playground together we'd go to our local swimming hole together. Wherever and whatever I was doing, I had my little brother right with me" - Seabass Perrin. In school Seabass was an ideal student and was always getting straight As and kept himself out of trouble for the most part. He would tend to be quiet in school and would seem to rather spend time by himself than with other students. However that would not always be the case as things just seemed to go downhill from this point on. In May 2010, Seabass' parents, Nancy and Serge filed their divorce papers as the railroad life that Serge lived became just too much for Nancy to bear having to raise her two children alone while their father was out working. Once the home was broke up, Nancy got custody of both children and Seabass' grades in school started to dip and so did his attitude at school. He began to get into fights at school and had started getting into some trouble here and there. High School Years ln his freshman year in high school Seabass' decided to abandon hockey all together and began to focus more on football as he made the high school team as a freshman mainly due to his size as Seabass was always considered "a big boy". Seabass really excelled at football and became a high school football star during his time there bringing his school to a provincial title not once but twice. His football accomplishments even gathered interest from the CFL's Montreal Alouettes as they ended up drafting him in the 6th round of the 2019 CFL draft. His school grades continued to plummet as now Perrin stopped handing in assignments, slept in classes and just did the bare minimum in order to narrowly pass all of his classes. He was often caught either smoking marijuana or cigarettes in the school washrooms while skipping some of his classes. He was also constantly getting in fights at school and got suspended from school on multiple occasions. Many of those fights however were in defense of his younger brother Yannick who was often times being bullied and tormented in school due to his autism. Perrin's home life during highschool well just didn't exist as he was never home anymore as he was often out sleeping at a older friends pad after a night of underage drinking or just avoided home completely. In his senior year of high school Perrin had begun to turn it all around, he had decided to quit drinking in order to up his workout regimen and focus primarily on become a better athlete for his respective sports teams as he rejoined the game of hockey during the same year. He gained another 20 lbs of muscle that year on the way to his 2nd provincial title in football. He didn't have as much team success while playing hockey as he played a full season for his local AAA hockey squad as his team failed to even make the playoffs. However, Perrin dominated the ice with his physical play and looked like a man playing amongst boys. He ragdolled other kids at every game and made himself a reputation of having a hell of a slap shot that scared most kids. While he made great strides in his athletic life he didn't manage to stay away from trouble. He was arrested during the school year for growing a field of marijuana "in the bush behind the school" prior to the legalization of marijuanana in Canada. He got off with probation and a large fine since he was still just technically a minor it would've been possible jail time if he had been an adult. TODAY Perrin quickly got put into a situation where he had to choose between continuing to pursue a career in football or in hockey as he got drafted by the Yukon Rush in the 5th round of the VHLM draft shortly after he got drafted by the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. Perrin obviously decided to pursue a career in hockey and he doesn't regret it as he only had to play one season in the VHLM before becoming a member of the Prague Phantom's first pairing in the VHL making millions of dollars. Now he's living like a highballer and is often seen at various nightclubs drinking his face off. He even bought himself a nice condo with a nice view of the city and a bought a classic BMW E30 in pristine condition that he ended up modding the hell out of. Not too shabby for a 19 year old from Calgary, Alberta. WORD COUNT: 1117 words
  4. I've got your back brother, would do it again! No regrets. Props to you on getting me out for kegstands for a 2nd night in a row for yet another viral video though didnt think I had another bender in me. Lol
  5. Seabass Perrin's Rookie Profile Seabass Perrin was drafted in the 2nd round, 17th overall in this years VHL Entry Draft by the Prague Phantoms and many considered this a reach selection. Even though Perrin was only but 19 at the time he already had a man's body being 6 foot 3 and weighing 220lbs, the guy was just built like a brick shit house from day 1. Most Draft analysts had Perrin going around 20-21st overall as many predicted that either Calgary or Riga would select him with those picks. Calgary was rumoured to be interested in the player due to Perrin being a hometown hero being from the city of Calgary himself. Hell even his grandfather Sebastien Perrin spent time playing for the Wranglers. However as Perrin disclosed after the draft in a interview that he was dissapointed that his childhood team, the Wrangler's never spoke to him once or scouted him at all. Also mentioned in the same interview was that the Riga Reign did in fact scout Perrin prior to the draft and were interested in drafting him like the Stockholm Rams/Riga Reign did back in s7 with his grandfather, Sebastien. However the Prague Phantoms reached for him with the 17th overall pick and Perrin has been happy with that team ever since he got to join former Yukon Rush team mates Wolf Stansson Jr., Willie Dredge and Erik Draven. In his draft year Perrin had quite the slow start getting into the double digit minuses and not recording a single point in his first few games with the Yukon Rush. But as the season went on the guy just seemed getting better and better and by the end of the season Perrin was a regular contributor for the team. He finished the year off with 14 goals and 46 points and being a even 0 in the plus minus catagory. He recorded 138 hits and 66 blocked shots. His 14 goals gave him a shooting percentage of 13.5% which is unbelievable for a defenseman and 12 of those goals came on the powerplay. Even with all that being said we believe Perrin to make his mark in the VHL as more of a defensive shutdown defenseman. At the beginning of Season 68 after training camp, Perrin who had played all year on the Rush's 2nd defensive pairing last year was announced as Wolf Stansson Jr.'s partner on the Phantom's first defensive pairing. The 2nd pairing VHLMer had jumped over and was now a 1st pairing VHLer all of a sudden, now how often do you end up seeing that happen? Well it seems to have been a solid choice so far as Perrin hasn't looked that out of place. He has currently 11 goals and 33 points in 59 games with a plus/minus of -17 which is not bad considering he's playing for a expansion team in their inaugural season. He has also recorded 146 hits and a team leading 178 blocked shots. Pros Physicality: Perrin plays a physical brand of hockey. He has gotten over a 100 hits in each of his 2 seasons playing hockey. He uses his size effectively to protect the high scoring areas in front of the net and keeps opposing bodies out of the blue paint. Puck Handling: Perrin uses his size effectively to protect the puck while he controls it and is very hard to knock off the puck. Once he has the puck it's very hard to get it away from him as he also has a decent set of hands and skill to be able to stickhandle his way out of dangerous situations. Skating: For being such a big man Perrin has constantly been improving himself on his skates. He entered the VHLM as a very slow skater and he worked on it a lot with the coaches in the Yukon and his offseason power skating coaches. With all the work he's been putting into his skating it's now gone from a con to a pro as now he's able to to pinch in offensively and quickly skate back into position in time for a opposing rush. Cons Discipline: Perrin takes a boat load of stupid penalties over the course of the season as we've seen this year in Prague. These penalties have often costed his teams games and it's not even penalties due to his physicality sometimes like boarding penalties, charging, elbows. Its been stupid penalties like Holding, Roughing and tripping that Perrin has been prone for. Passing: Perrin isn't the greatest passer. He can't seem to be able to make a half decent saucer pass and he doesn't have enough creativity to really set up his teammates with easy goals. Most of his assists are rebounds off his shots so that let those numbers fool you. He's good only for the first pass breakout pass but that's about it. Off Ice Issues: Perrin has already lost his license due to a past DUI he suffered while playing for the Yukon Rush in S67 and he's more recently been featured in a viral video doing a kegstand in a team Canada Jersey in a nightclub in Toronto. Overall it seems Perrin has problems with both drugs and alcohol and that just might hinder his development or eventually get him kicked off a important team flight.
  6. Well everyone is eagerly awaiting the S68 World Junior Championship that's to be held at home for Team Canada in the city of Montréal, Québec. Tickets are selling out and there's some fear that if the team this year repeats what they accomplished last year, which is not winning a single fucking thing that the city on Montreal will riot to levels not seen since the Montreal Canadiens won the Stanley Cup in 1993. So the pressure is on! Some players seem beyond excited to be a part of the team. Seabass Perrin, who is a strong contender for team Canada's top pairing was seen last night sporting his team Canada jersey in a Toronto nightclub after Perrin's VHL team, the Prague Phantoms beat the Toronto Legion 4-3. He was caught on video doing a kegstand and screaming "TEAM CANADA GONNA WIN GOLD!" afterwards and it's now going viral on social media. Perrin was reached for comments on the video and all he said was that he's not sorry and that he stands behind his prediction while inebriated. Perrin was a member of last year's terrible tournament and he mentioned that he wants to "make up for that shitty year" by bringing home the goal this year. In last years tournament Perrin played 9 games and scored 6 points and was a -3.
  7. Analysing the Expansion Teams Part 1/2 The Victory Hockey League's 68th Season is almost complete as all of the teams have just a little over a dozen games left to play. Season 68 has introduced us to two new franchises, the D.C. Dragons and the Prague Phantoms and a whole lot of new players as this year we've seen a drastic jump in rookie debuts thanks to the expansion. However, as you'd expect from expansion teams they're both set to finish the season in the bottom two positions in the VHL standings. In this week's media spot i'll be covering both expansion teams and analysing their respective rosters and moves throughout the season. THE D.C. DRAGONS Currently sitting in the last position in the VHL Standings with a record of 17 wins and 42 losses, the Dragons have taken the approach to this season by fully embracing the tanking role as it became obvious almost right away that the team was going to tank this season when they left many potential roster players to dominate in the minors while putting up a poor product on the ice in the VHL for their fan's first season. Risky move, but it just might pay off for this team as their future players are developing at a faster rate dominating in the VHLM than being part of the pile of shit that is this year's D.C. Dragons not to mention they got 2 extra first rounders in next year's draft and one more extra first in the next one after that. Anyways lets take a peek at this season's D.C. Dragon's Roster 1st Offensive Line ----- LW Dan Gles --------------- C Kaspars Claude ----- RW Mikko Aaltonen 2nd Offensive Line ----- LW Kaspars Claude ----- C Dan Gles ---------------- RW Mikko Aaltonen 3rd Offensive Line ------ LW Devin Gabella -------- C Kaspars Claude ----- RW Mikko Aaltonen 4th Offensive Line ------ LW Dan Gles ---------------- C Mikko Aaltonen ----- RW Devin Gabella 1st Defense Pairing Luciano Valentino ----- Charles Drumm 2nd Defensive Pairing Sven Hitz ----- Charles Drumm 3rd Defensive Pairing Luciano Valentino ----- Robert Malenko 4th Defensive Pairing Sven Hitz ----- Charles Drumm Goaltender Pekka Pouta As you can see on paper, the forward group is so thin for the dragons that it mainly features the same three players (Claude, Gles and Aaltonen) on all the lines but simply in mixed positions with Devin Gabella mixed into the bottom two lines, so in total they're only icing 4 forwards. In this season among those 4 forwards you've only got a total of 68 goals produced and 159 points while point a combined -142 in plus/minus. If it wouldn't be for Mikko Aaltonen's 33 goals that goal total would seem very sad now wouldn't it. Aaltonen seems to be the only shining star there as he's still managing to put up a point per game season while playing for this shit team. Aaltonen is currently the top point scorer among both expansion teams and is currently sitting with 63 points in 59 games, not too shabby. On the back end the Dragon's are dressing as many defensemen as they are forwards with 4 guys being rotated through the pairings. The majority of the ice time gets eaten up by Luciano Valentiono and Charles Drumm. Valentino was highly touted after the Dragon's had trading up for him in the S68 Draft, trading away their first and 2nd rounders to be able to nab Valentino with the 5th overall selection to complete that draft's top 5 picks. The offensive side of his game seems to be chugging along nicely as he's set to break to 40 point mark this season, but it's his defensive game that has a lot to be desired as he's a league worst -52 so far this season, ouch. There's a lot of time for Valentino to improve however so I wouldn't be too worried yet. The other minute cruncher, Charles Drum has actually rather calmed things down in his own zone, he's a team best -23 and he's probably been the most consistent player in the defensive zone. Drumm seemed to be the most calm player out there and he's also on pace to break the 30 point mark which is still pretty decent for a rookie defenseman. Overall this defense corps future really is depends on if Valentino turns into the star he's supposed to be or not as the Dragons have been building their back end around him as the foundation.. Goaltending wise, the Dragons have relied mostly on Pekka Pouta who had only played 9 games since his S65 draft year before coming over to the Dragons. He was acquired along with Charles Drumm close to the beginning of the season from the Vancouver Wolves for a 3rd and a 4th round pick. In the 9 games he played for his former team, HC Davos he never broke a save percentage over .900. Surprisingly enough Pouta has put up his best numbers playing behind this piss poor D.C squad and he's now played a total of 46 games this season, posting a save percentage of .909. Doesn't that trade look good now, huh? Honestly i'd put him and Aaltonen up there for team MVP as if it weren't for those two the team maybe wouldn't have any wins at all. There's quite a few holes in this team's roster especially up front that team GM, Enorama has to address during the next offseason. But, the Dragons are almost guaranteed to have an improvement next season with their 3 first rounders in the next draft so it'll be exciting to see this team grow and hopefully compete in the near future. This now concludes Part 1/2 for this segment. WORD COUNT: 860 words (not counting rosters)
  8. I understand that, I just would've thought you guys had come to this conclusion where your disconnecting player careers from gm careers sooner rather than go through that player 2 phase at all. I just dont think it was a good idea from the get go. But, it doesn't really matter now how we got here as long as everything figured itself out in the end.
  9. I'm happy to see this change. I honestly didnt know some guys could rock out 2 players at a time taking up a lot of the leagues roster spots. That shouldnt of been a thing in the first place as that's bullshit and this rule change is definitely for the better of the league.
  10. Okay so I waited for these changes before doing my career pt. But since I'm s68 just do the old point tasks?