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S38 VHL/VHLM Awards List


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**Remember, if you won an award (individual) in either the VHL or VHLM, you are entitled to add 2 TPE for each award won. If you are a co-winner, add 1 TPE for that award. To claim, just link this page to your updates.

Updaters will be on the look-out when they update your pages. Team awards do not apply for TPE.

One final congratulations to the Davos Dynamo and Yukon Rush for winning their respective championships. Congratulations to everyone who won individual awards! Thank you everyone involved for a great Season 38!**

S38 VHL Award Winners

Championship - Continental Cup: HC Davos Dynamo

Best Regular Season Record - Victory Cup: New York Americans

North American Conference Champion - Devon Marlow-Marta Trophy: Toronto Legion

European Conference Champion - Terence Fong Trophy: HC Davos Dynamo

MVP - Scotty Campbell Trophy: Tuomas Tukio (NYA)
Tukio (NYA) - 7, Tordahl (NYA) - 3

Most Outstanding Player (player vote) - Brett Slobodzian Trophy: Tuomas Tukio (NYA)
Tukio (NYA) - 20, Tordahl (NYA) - 8, Taylor (RIG) - 3, McQueen (RIG) - 3, Bentley (DAV) - 2

Playoff MVP - Daisuke Kanou Trophy: Lennox Moher (DAV)
Moher (DAV) - 9, Olsen (DAV) - 1

Leading Points - Mike Szatkowski Trophy: Odin Tordahl (NYA) - 128

Leading Goals - Kevin Brooks Trophy: Odin Tordahl (NYA) - 57

Leading Assists - Alexander Beketov Trophy: Odin Tordahl (NYA) - 71

Top Defenseman - Sterling Labatte Trophy: Godavari Yumalatopinto (CAL) & Conner Low (NYA)
Yumalatopinto (CAL) - 4, Low (NYA) - 4, Bentley - 2

Top Goalie - Aidan Shaw Trophy: Tuomas Tukio (NYA)
Tukio (NYA) - 10

Top Rookie - Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy: Travis Boychuk (CAL)
Boychuk (CAL) - 10

Top Two-Way Forward - Scott Boulet Trophy: Brennan McQueen (RIG)
McQueen (RIG) - 8, K. Olsen (SEA) - 2

Executive of the Year - David Knight Trophy: Chris Miller (NYA)
Miller (NYA) - 7, Victor (DAV) - 2, Glasser (CAL) - 1

Top Leader - Grimm Jonsson Trophy: Sebastian Ball Jr. (SEA)
Ball Jr. (SEA) - 4, Lindberg (TOR) - 2, Low (NYA) - 2, Svoboda (HSK) - 1

Most Sportsmanlike - Mikka Virkkunen Trophy: Davey Jones (DAV)
Jones (DAV) - 5, Slaughter (NYA) - 4, Young (DAV) - 1

Most Improved - Dustin Funk Trophy: Godavari Yumalatopinto (CAL)
Yumalatopinto (CAL) - 7, J. Olsen (DAV) - 2, Bentley (DAV) - 1


S38 VHLM Award Winners

Championship - Founder's Cup: Yukon Rush

Best Regular Season Record - Prime Minister's Cup: Yukon Rush

MVP - Sakic Trophy: Dexter Morgan (TUR)
Morgan (TUR) - 5, Vlasis (TUR) - 2, Waldron (YUK) - 2, Tremblay (MOS) - 1

Playoff MVP - Esposito Trophy: Brock Waldron (YUK)
Waldron (YUK) - 8, Draper (YUK) - 1, Morgan (TUR) - 1

Leading Points - Dionne Trophy: Dexter Morgan (TUR) - 174

Leading Goals - Hull Trophy: Dexter Morgan (TUR) - 106

Leading Assists - Oates Trophy: Dimothenis Vlasis (TUR) - 124

Top Defenseman - Bourque Trophy: Don Draper (YUK)
Draper (YUK) - 5, Vlasis (TUR) - 3, Yamazaki (TUR) - 2

Top Goalie - Sawchuk Trophy: Brock Waldron (YUK)
Waldron (YUK) - 9, Canseco (MOS) - 1

Top Two-Way Forward - Yzerman Trophy: Azi Ali (BER)
Ali (BER) - 9, Riggs (YUK) - 1

Executive of the Year - Ken Holland Trophy: Austin Gow (YUK)
Gow (YUK) - 8, Brovalenko (TUR) - 1, Svoboda (SSK) - BER

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Wait I won? Where is Ashton Kutcher at, I gotta be getting punkd lol. Congrats to all and thanks for the pity votes


You're welcome now give me a fraction of your 1 tpe as we discussed before the vote. 

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  • Senior Admin

Congrats to all the winners..


Big shoutout to the Helsinki Boys. Seth and Slobo on their ROTY nominations, Slobo on the Grimm nomination, and Maxy on his VHLM awards!

Thanks a lot bud ........ OH WAIT

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