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Hey everyone.  I was a real clusterfuck in the off-season, and thus didn't really move anyone's LR permissions around.  Higgins might have.  All the same, I don't really know who goes to and from where.


I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're on a VHL or VHLM team (or a part of their franchise.  So if you were drafted by Davos but are playing with Minot in the VHLM, you should be in both Davos and Minot's LR), and can't see their locker room at the bottom of the main board, post in here.  I'll hook you up.


Thanks. :cheers:

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Does anyone have a LR that they shouldn't have is the real question


I did VHL/VHLM Draftees and few trades, but might have missed a couple retirees n stuff for removing.


Waivers need to be added mostly now Jordy

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Need to be taken out of the Bears LR and be put in a LR with Noah, Boom, and the other pimps on this site


If you can be changed to "Mod", you can come join the RED LR where we get up to all kinds of hi-jinks.



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