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It’s been awhile since anyone has had a good ole’ fashioned post party so I’m going to have one. As of this post I officially need 47 more before I hit 15 000 (holy shit that’s a lot of VHL time over the past 7 years) so that’s when I’ll be having the party; which naturally will be used as a FAN 590.


If you want in on the party RSVP here and I’ll throw your name in the guest list. If you want an added bonus of me actually talking about you (such an honour I know) then list with your RSVP one item you’d bring to the party (get creative) and who your date is going to be (pics help)


RSVP quickly, I haven’t been working a lot lately so 47 posts could happen fast.

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I'll be there. And I'll bring lots of pizza.





Can I bring Chris Pratt as a date? HE'S STAR-LORD FFS. If not I'll bring Olivia Wilde. Or both. CAN IT BE BOTH?



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casinoace_main_l.jpgI'll teach all the guys some poker before the party, then if strip poker comes up, the dates will be at a disadvantage....



My date (who, coincidentally, will be B& from any strip poker games because she'd win, she'd even kick my ass and I'm good): Liv Boeree



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