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S81 Draft Lottery


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Season 781 VHL Draft Lottery

Date: November 12th, 2021

Time: 6:45(ish) EST


Hi Everyone,


Before getting into the final draft odds and the lottery itself, a reminder of the rules regarding the Draft Lottery:



The first six picks of the first round of the VHL Entry Draft work on a lottery structure. For the purposes of Standings, non-playoff teams will rank 11-16, regardless of Regular Season points earned (i.e. If Toronto finishes in 6th place in the North American conference, but had more points than two European conference Playoff teams, they will be considered 11th Place in the standings, despite finishing with the 9th most points in the league, overall).


The odds for winning the lottery are based on the VHL's regular season standings, and begin as follows, though they may change following the Draft Lottery Tournament, as outlined in Section 9.2:


  • 16th Place: 30.0%
  • 15th Place: 22.5%
  • 14th Place: 17.5%
  • 13th Place: 12.5%
  • 12th Place: 10.0%
  • 11th Place: 7.5%


Only non-Playoff teams are eligible for the Draft Lottery. The maximum spots a team can move down is 1 spot. If the result of the lottery still allows teams to move down a maximum of one spot, there will be additional lotteries until teams may no longer move down.


*An additional reminder that, should any subsequent lotteries be needed after 1st Overall has been decided, the odds will change depending on the winning team

i.e. Should a team with 10% odds of winning the lottery win 1st Overall, their "tickets" will be removed from the lottery and the following lottery will be conducted as odds of x/90, rather than x/100.



Onto the odds for the Season 81 Draft Lottery. At the conclusion of the Regular Season, prior to the Lottery Tournament, the odds began as:




Draft Lottery Odds (Pre-Tournament)

  1. Helsinki (via Toronto): 30.0% :hel:
  2. Helsinki: 22.5% :hel:
  3. Seattle: 17.5% :sea:
  4. London: 12.5% :ldn:
  5. Calgary (via New York): 10% :cal:
  6. Riga: 7.5% :rig:



Following the Lottery Tournament, the updated odds are as follows:



  1. Helsinki (via Toronto): 32.5% :hel:
  2. Helsinki: 22.5% :hel:
  3. Seattle: 17.5% :sea:
  4. Calgary (via New York): 15% :cal:
  5. London: 10% :ldn:
  6. Riga: 2.5% :rig:


The lottery will be going live on twitch momentarily:



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Draft Lottery Results


  1. :hel: Helsinki:hel:
  2. :hel: Helsinki (via Toronto):hel:
  3. :rig: Riga :rig:
  4. :sea: Seattle :sea:
  5. :ldn: London :ldn:
  6. :cal: Calgary (via New York) :cal:




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I was also informed after the fact that the trade I did not look at yet sent that Calgary pick to Seattle so that will reflect in the actual draft but was not reflective in the live draw because it hadn't been approved yet.

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