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VHL Magazine Power Poll - Quadruples Week!?


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With S40 just about wrapped up, the Blue Team definitely gave us a surprise with a historical reward for the historical season. It was announced that for this week, point tasks would have a quadruple payout. That’s right, even though triples seemed like something so rare that it wouldn’t come around, a quadruples week is here. If you haven’t already got a PT up, I’d be very quick about it.


While I’m sure that nobody here is going to complain about their 24TPE coming in this week, is it really a good move even if it’s for celebrating the success of the league?


For awhile now we have heard that the league is trying to trim down on the TPE that players can earn through various means, but essentially giving everyone three free weeks seems like an overkill.


If it were up to me I would have spread the rewards over a couple of weeks with a free week and doubles week perhaps. but I definitely appreciate the awesome amount of TPE that we’ll be getting!


So what do you guys think? Did a quadruples week make sense? Or is it simply too much even if it’s a special moment for the site. Of course, there’s always option C: you just want the damn TPE and don’t care. Let me know in the comments as the best few will make it to the Mag!

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The one big issue I have with this is that it will give new members that join throughout the season even more of a disadvantage than they already have, since they won't be eligible for it but all the high TPE recreates at the deadline were. We should find a way to balance this out for S42 draftees who join later in the season, then I think it would be fine.

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